Friday, July 27, 2018

Smart Kidz Media - Smart Kidz Radio Review

Smart Kidz Radio

There are definitely limited options for children's radio and music.  We recently had the opportunity to review a new project from Smart Kids Media - Smart Kidz Radio.

Smart Kidz Radio

Smart Kidz Radio has been created for ages 2 - 12 that features age appropriate music for children.  The original songs that are being played encourage positive self-esteem, good work and family relationships.  

Currently, we have been listening to Smart Kidz Radio on my laptop while working on art projects.  We have had zero problems just streaming off our laptop.  The songs are very cute and I really do like the various themes.  Suddenly we are singing along to a song about helping out with chores and living peacefully in our family "by thinking before you fight".  Little words of encouragement happen between songs.  The one segment reminded children that even when    It's kids music, but not "too kiddyish" was Lydia's response.

We listened to songs about what do to when you are bored, how to treat your family (since they really can be your best friends), how to help out others, and so many more learning experiences. There are over 1,000 original songs that stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The user interface was very easy to use:

We just hit the Play arrow when we wanted to listen and a pause arrow would pop up in it place, and then we could pause the station play when we were ready.

There are even audio book podcasts available to listen to:

We really thought Smart Kidz Radio is a great new concept.  It will be available for other portable formats, you will soon be able to easily download the apps onto your kids electronic devices, and know that they are listening to quality entertainment with good values.  

If you have younger children in this age range, I encourage you to check out Smart Kidz Radio.  It's a budget friendly option for families.....and I really found it much better to listen to than some of the kid's songs series that my older kids used to be obsessed with....anyone remember the big purple dino???  Smart Kidz Radio is so much easier to listen too.  And the audio book podcasts are such an awesome added bonus for our family.  This was one of the girls favorite things, they love audio books.

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