Saturday, August 11, 2018

"Not" Back to School Ideas - DIY Clipboards

It's almost that time, unless you are year-round homeschoolers.  We take a break from "curriculum" during July and August.  Not a break from schooling though.  The kids still participate in 4H, so we are super busy with projects, camps and art classes finishing projects for the county fair.  They always participate in the county fair baking contests, so that is math also.  We stay SOOOOO busy, most days I feel like I pass myself in our own kitchen.

I thought I would share a couple of the ideas that I am going to be doing on our first day of "not back to school" this year.  Last year I baked them their special chocolate chip cookie cake, gave them some new supplies and also they got new school uniforms -  This year I'm making some adjustments.  I'm down to three kids...homeschooling just three kids!!  So I'm trying to find the balance of Joey not homeschooling and the others still schooling.  It's going to be a learning curve in September.

One of the special activities I'm going to do with the girls and Brayden is to give them the opportunity to design their own clipboards.  Clipboards are an essential homeschool item in our house.  We use them daily.  In the past I have found animal clipboards at various office supply stores.  But this year I am struggling to find cute boards that do not cost a fortune.  So I decided to let them design their own.

I ordered these clear, but colorful clipboards from Amazon.  It was a 6 pack of clipboards for $12.99.

I ordered them various sticker books then, individualized to each kid.  Dover has several inexpensive sticker books for kids.  I ordered these for the girls.


Video Game themed for Brayden (these were $10.00)

I ordered these paint markers for the project also.

I figure the paint will take a day to dry at least.  I can't wait to do this project with the kids in a couple weeks.  They are going to be excited to create their own clipboards.  Plus they can easily adjust their clipboards throughout the year if they want.

Next week, I'll share some more fun things I have planned for our first day "not back to school"!  Here's a post from last year about more of our favorite school supplies.

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