Sunday, September 9, 2018

Menu Monday 9/10-9/16/2018

It's another busy week and I'm still learning to balance all of my responsibilities.  I have several new ones this year.  I normally plan the menu on a spreadsheet with our daily activities listed under each day.  Then I do not worry about planning a meal that takes extra steps on a day where I have limited time.  But ... alas...due to strange happenings, I'm only posting our meals for the week.

I do keep our menu posted on the fridge and I check it each morning to keep track of what I need to start.  I also make a note on my weekly to-do list if I need to make something ahead of time.  I'm hoping maybe we can get a bigger freezer one of these days.  Then I can freeze some meals ahead of time!!

This week we are traveling to Canada in Geography.  So our Geography lunch in on Tuesday.  And our history meal is on Friday this week, due to scheduling issues.

What's on your menu this week??  Favorite recipes??

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