Friday, September 7, 2018

Grammar Planet Online Grammar Program Review

Recently we had the opportunity to review a new online grammar program from GrammarPlanet.  What a fun way to practice and reinforce grammar techniques.

GrammarPlanet is an online grammar practice program that allows students to learn, practice, or reinforce techniques already learned.  Each topic has videos, and interactive quizzes to help students to learn and reinforce topics.  During our first video on Common Nouns, as Caty and I watched the video, she was asked questions about the information she was just watching.  She had to answer a question, and then was able to move on.  

Printable worksheets/reference sheets are provided, or you can just read them on your screen.  But we were able to use these to create a grammar notebook for her reference as we move into writing over the next few months.

The interface with GrammarPlanet is extremely user friendly.  You cannot move on until you have completed the Unit you are on.  But generally, the program is just point and click.  Very student friendly.

When you have completed/passed the current unit you are on, then you can move on.

Each unit has the video has the printable like above and questions.  We usually split up the questions for a few days, because of Caty's attention span and also frustration.  She didn't like missing answers (typical kiddo).  So we would spend roughly 5 minutes a day reviewing.  We could log in and answer questions easily.  It did not require us to re-do any questions.  We were able to pick back up right where we left off.

To answer questions, she simply had to click on words.  And when she was done, she could Submit her answer and it would give her automatic feedback.  You then just move on to the next question.

GrammarPlanet can be used for kids in upper elementary and even adults who may need some extra help.  I would definitely recommend breaking up the lesson if you are just introducing your student to the grammatical skills in each unit.  I thought the videos were well done.  She done a great job explaining each topic and the printables were nice and we keep them in a Grammar folder so that Caty can refer back to them.  The interface was so easy to use, and I liked that it was not "overly-cartoony" as I call it.  There was little distraction for Caty.  This is great when dealing with a child who is easily distractible.  

I caught her at one point not doing her work.  She told me she was doing her work at her computer in her room.  Well I got a parent email from GrammarPlanet that informed me that it had been a few days since Caty had logged in.  She was caught!!  So a student could use GrammarPlanet independently, because the Grammar patrol keeps you informed on their progress.  I even got emails when she finished levels and what grade she had earned.

GrammarPlanet is a new program, and currently you can try out the who program for FREE!!!  They are adding new grammatical topics weekly!  Here is the current and project list of skills being covered in this program.

I highly recommend you log in and check out GrammarPlanet during the FREE review period.  This has been a great addition to our homeschool schedule.  We were even able to use it on her tablet (using the browser) when we were out and about (she has internet on her tablet that we use for schoolwork only).

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review GrammarPlanet with their kids.  Click on the link below to see how they used it in their schooling and how they felt about it.

Grammar Program Online {GrammarPlannet Reviews}
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