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Reading Eggs - 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade Review

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We recently had the opportunity to review a new workbook from Reading Eggs .... 200 Essential Reading Skills for 4th Grade.

Online Reading Eggs Suite

I try to be relaxed about schooling, but reading skills are important.  A child's ability to comprehend both written and oral directions is extremely important.  The ability to write strong sentences I feel is also very important.  So I find skills like these harder to teach in a relaxed way.  Reading Eggs has taken the stress off of me with the 200 Essential Reading Skills series.

This new series from Reading Eggs provides students with a challenging 36 week program covering topics such as grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and reading skills.  It is meant to be used as a complement to the online Reading Eggs program, but can also be used independently from it.  Beautifully bound in a typical "workbook" style book, the 36 weeks worth of lessons are broken down into roughly 15 minutes worth of work, 5 days per week.  The workbook pages are full-color, and each lesson really does not take much time.  It makes it perfect for our short-attention span.

Over a five day period, students work on comprehension lessons, a spelling list, and even grammar lessons.  Every nine weeks, there is a review of the previous material to reinforce learning.  This review helps to identify areas where your child may need some extra help.  The purpose of the Reading Eggs program works with students to teach them to read.  But the next level, Reading Eggspress, helps students to make literature connections and develop strong writing skills.  The 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade is based on the Reading Eggspress program

I'll be honest, Caty did really well with the early Reading Eggs reading program online.  I was very excited for her to start Reading Eggspress the way that Lydia did as she graduated to reading.  But unlike her sister, Caty did not thrive with that online program.  Caty struggles reading passages on her computer screen.  So I was curious if the advanced Reading Eggs workbook series would work for her, since it covers the same topics as the Reading Eggspress program does online.

When first examining the book, I was very impressed by the pages.  They were not overwhelming, but seemed to have the right amount of color and pictures so as to attract her and not distract her. grammar skills that will be covered each week.

As we discussed the literature elements of each passage, she thought she was cool getting to use a highlighter to mark the passages.   

Completing her work each day was very easy.  She didn't whine about doing her workbook, and was usually done in roughly 20 minutes depending on the amount of words she was covering that day in spelling.  And unlike with the exclusive use of the online program, Caty is thriving with the book work that she is doing in the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade.

If you are a planner, the front few pages also contain a year planner so that you can plan around the topics that your student will be reading.  

I really liked the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade workbook.  The spelling is a little above Caty's current level, so we are actually using the spelling as more vocabulary discussions.  This has allowed me to adapt the workbook around some of her reading delays and struggles that she has.  I plan on ordering the Fifth grade level for Lydia.  With the short lessons, it will help Lydia to master skills that she still needs to strengthen when it comes to sentence structure.

I usually do not change curriculum within the first couple weeks of school, but I really do like the way that Reading Eggs has laid out their new workbook series.  I plan on switching Caty completely out of her current language arts/grammar program and just concentrate on using the Reading Eggs - 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade workbook with her.

I highly recommend that you check out the new Reading Eggs workbook series.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to review Reading Eggs Online, and the other grade levels of the new Reading Eggs workbook series.  Please click the link below. 
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