Sunday, September 2, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan - 9/3 - 9/9/18

I am back to forcing myself to stay in line with our meal plan and need to stay organized because of our busy schedule.  It's very helpful to plan out what they will be eating.  I feel crazed if I don't have a meal plan on the fridge.  Brayden is the same way.  He wants to know the plan.  I remind him though, that just because it's on the calendar on fridge, doesn't mean that it will happen.  I have posted before about how I meal plan.  I plan around our schedule.  I bought a new crock pot, since I'm not a massive fan of the Instant Pot that I have.  I know...I know....gasp, I'm not a huge fan.  Maybe i just need to do more research on converting recipes over. 

I actually keep a word document open on my computer all the time that I can update with new recipes or changing favorites.  I post this on the fridge weekly, with the understanding that at times, things may change slightly.  Not included on this menu is also a side list for Joey's lunchbox at work, quick easy things he can heat up or pack.  


  1. I need to do a meal plan but just the thought of planning one more thing in my crazy schedule gives me hives, lol. So I rather stand and stare at the open freezer for at least ten minutes before deciding what to cook. Sigh lol

    1. That cracks me up!! That's the reason I HAVE to plan. Balancing all 4 of their schedules, plus Joe's...WOW!! Plus I want to take some programming classes. And I am going to be teaching 1 day a week. I have to have this to help the chaos some. Maybe try just making a list of meals that you have ingredients for on the fridge. Make it easier to start. And that's planning too!! :)