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CashCrunch Games - CashCrunch Careers Review

Cash Crunch Games
We recently had the opportunity to review an interesting program.  Lydia was able to take the CashCrunch Careers test created online by CashCrunch Games.  Hmmm...What does she really want to do?  Is she too young at 13 to think about that?

Cash Crunch Careers

CashCrunch Careers is an online test to help takes your kid's traits and personalities and creates a potential list of of career paths that they could take.  CashCrunch Careers does not point them toward a job, but a career that would allow them to reach their full potential and enjoy going to "work" everyday.

Another benefit for using CashCrunch Careers is being able to give your child a list of career options so that they can start looking earlier at college options.  With earlier planning, students can feel more solid about their choices and even have potential to start and finish school earlier (especially if they are homeschooled).

Other benefits of CashCrunch Careers online test include:

The test took very little time to complete.  I sat down with Lydia, who just turned 13 to work on the test.  Some vocabulary questions she did not understand.  But as I was trying to explain what some words meant in everyday life, we discovered that if you hovered over the words with your cursor a definition popped up for each term.  Whoohoo!!  Made this tired mama's morning.  The test took us roughly 20 minutes to complete the 100 questions.  When we were done and submitted the test questions, up popped a career report for Lydia.  (Sorry, for some reason my name popped up, so in the pictures this is really Lydia's career report.)

I found some of the questions (terms) she was selecting between were a little different.  With kids on the spectrum or who have learning struggles, some really didn't seem to apply to her.  There was no option though for her to select that neither term fit her.  So she chose the best one that could potentially fit her personality.  But as I watched her struggle I was dying to see what options were given out to her.  I mean after all, I know what career choices she has already expressed interest in.

It did not take but a few seconds for her career report to come up.  We read it together.  We noticed a few things that we questioned, which I really feel directly were related to those questions she answered where neither term applied to her.  Again, when dealing with kids on the spectrum, quirky personalities are the name of the game!

So there were a few things that really did not apply to her.  Such as her not needing direct supervision.  She does need direct supervision, since she has a tendency to not complete tasks independently well, usually.  There are some cases she can handle it, and it's generally when she's working with animals.  But the report did give her a short list of Motivators and De-Motivators.

And then came the important part of the report...what she was dying to see also, what her potential career choices could be.  She laughed hysterically at the Funeral Director option.  I wasn't surprised to see IT careers as a choice, since she does well with beginning programming and tries to figure out what her dad is doing all the time.  In fact, I have mentioned this to her a couple times already.  But the Agriculture/Animal section is what got her the most excited.  This is what path she potentially wants to take.

Now CashCrunch Careers doesn't just provide a report.  They also provide research on all the careers on the report.  So she can click on potential links for different careers that work with animals.  She eliminated a few options due to the amount of schooling required.  The short videos for each career took the pressure off from reading just a bunch of dry career information.

Not only is there information about what each potential career could entail, but there is also information provided about the locations of schools/universities that specialize or provide that specific career degree.

The nice option with CashCrunch Careers is that she was not restricted to just looking at her specific career choices.  She could also look through other career choices, such as Hospitality, Education and the Arts.  

CashCrunch Careers has opened her eyes to potential careers, not just jobs.  It opened her eyes to see it in print how much time is involved in training and getting a degree for different careers.  So maybe she will now stop ignoring me when  remind her about potential educational paths she could be taking to get her schooling done early, so that she can take advantage of funding options to save us all a ton of money.

I know that certain algorithms are used in determining the report that she received.  But I really wish that those algorithms would be updated some to really include some options for those with more unique struggles.  At the same time, CashCrunch Careers has given Lydia a lot to think about as she is researching each one of the careers that potentially interested her.  I am happy that all of this information is within a few clicks of their website!!

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