Monday, October 8, 2018

Menu Monday

I didn't get our Menu Monday post up last week.  It was a very busy week.  I stuck to the plan for the most part, with only one day really being switched around.  Life has been a challenge as we adjust to Caty's new diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.  I'm working on switching all the meals to lower carb or making adjustments for both she and Joe.  But everyone in the house should go more that route, since so many in our family have Type 2 diabetes.

B- Open
L - Chicken Noodle soup and Cheese quesadilla (I used low-carb tortillas, working on the soup)
D- Homemade pizzas (Joe and Caty had cauliflower crust...working on this since Joey is allergic to almonds, so cannot use almond flour for him)

B - Pumpkin muffins (low carb) or chocolate/blueberry
L- Ham rolls and salad
D - chicken tacos and cauliflower rice

B - Open
L - Seafood soup from Costa Rica (Geography lunch)
D - Beef stew or Cauliflower soup

B - Muffins
L - Packed lunch
D - Shredded pork and slaw

B - Egg muffins
L- Lemon garlic baked fish w/ salad
D - Ham & Potato soup - Low-carb option is Green olive chicken

B- Cheese rolls w/ avocado/sour cream
L - Chicken Bacon Alfredo
D - Baked Spaghetti

B- Cereal
L- Leftovers
D- HM Mac and cheese

Heavier on the pasta side this week, because it heats up well.  It's one of those busy weeks as we get ready for Quarter Horse Congress this weekend.  But I'm experimenting with a high fiber pasta that is not supposed to mess with blood sugar.  Currently due to other issues, Caty will not be able to try the keto diet.  (Please DO NOT email me about our decision...we made a very educated decision since I have been on keto for a while I am very aware of it.)  But the option is not out in the future, she's just having a very rough time.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  See everyone next Monday!

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