Saturday, October 6, 2018

Greenland, Cell Osmosis, and a Life Changing Discovery

We started our week out at Cedar Point Amusement Park.  It was such a nice day we didn't want to miss out.

 Titans won that Sunday!!

 They had out great fall decorations!

It was such a great time.  The girls and Joe got to ride the new coaster Steel Vengeance - 3X!!!  That was pretty cool!

The girls had a painting class to go to at the local art center.  Joe took them and they had a good time.

Their faces are painted because that day we studied the Ancient Moari tribes and also a little about early Australia for History.  I thought it would be fun to do face tattoos.

Caty made tuna patties for dinner that day to go with them fishing the sea.  She's been wanting to learn how to make tuna patties for a while.

I have been tracking Caty for a while with some unknown symptoms.  Had no idea exactly what had been going on.  And now we do.  We got some life style changing news for her.  After a trip to the ER, we found out she's Type 2 diabetic.

So we have some major life style changes to help her get under control and to make.

We went on as normal though.  In Science Club we learned about Cell Osmosis.  We did the Steve Spangler Shrinking Egg experiment, which is super awesome to watch!!  

To watch a sample of diffusion we did two experiments.  One was the Skittles Rainbow.  And the other one was disbursement of air freshener.  We have a large room.  So Lydia sprayed on one side and we timed how long it took for the scent to disburse. a bit smelly.

In Geography we learned about Greenland.  They made baked fish and fried potatoes with salad for lunch.

And a Greenlandic dessert.  Kaagiat

The girls started finally finished their Animal Fair projects.  They figured out how to turn a fun project into work and stress.  <Insert lots of eyerolls>  But they also left a massive mess!!

This was actually picked up mostly.  She had scraps of paper all over the floor.  It was driving me crazy!!

Caty working on her math.  She is reviewing with Teaching Textbooks.  We are struggling with concentration big time.  Turns out that the diabetes is contributing to this.  So we pulled her off her other meds last month and now we'll have to wait to see how her blood sugar reacts to the new meds and then we can work on her ADD meds.  Going to be a long few months.  But for a couple days she bounced on the exercise ball, and I put her lessons on our TV.  I would read her the questions or let the program read them to her and she would verbally answer me.

Caty had an online cooking class and they made pancakes.  She used whole wheat flour and sugar free syrup and it still messed up her blood sugar.  

 She LOVES unicorns and rainbows.  Her shirt says "I was born to be a unicorn." and it came with a unicorn headband.  She posed next to the rainbow at co-op.

 Sport this week consisted of gymnastics and the start of swim practice!!

Lydia had a riding competition at her stable this weekend.  So I helped her bake roll-out horse cookies for the concession booth.  I did the dough and she did the decorating.  This cutter was a royal pain!!  So she lost patience quickly.

The girls had bridging this week to their next level at Scouts.  Caty is now a Cadette and Lydia is a Senior.

Over the weekend Caty (and some help from Lydia) had a treat booth at a local flea market.  I think she barely broke even.  She likes the baking, but not the selling at the booth.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  See you all next weekend!  Linking up with other homeschool moms at....

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  1. Cedar Point is so much fun!! Your artwork and the science experiments look great - in fact the Skittles rainbow is very artistic, I think! Thanks for linking up!

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