Friday, October 19, 2018

More History...Math....Guitar....Horse Show....Eye Appts

 What a week.... we started out the week with Lydia competing in four classes at the All-American Quarter Horse show in Columbus.  This was a great learning experience.  She placed 10th in one class, and as a Finalist in two of the classes.  One class she did not receive anything, since her horse spooked during the competition.  She kept him under control, but it counted against her.

Caty and I did a little karaoke at one of the vendor areas.  Feel bad for the Chris Stapleton song we butchered.  But our hearts were in the right place.  She had stage fright, which is why I am up with her.  The gentleman running this booth gave her sunglasses to make her feel the

On Monday we were supposed to have trail riding with our Scout troop at a local metro park, but unfortunately one of the horses got sick.  Trailriding was cancelled, but we still met for lunch of smores and hot dogs over a fire.  It was cold, but the girls had fun.

Caty had an online class Monday afternoon on Outschool.  It was a Nature class about Fall.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but was very happy with it.  She enjoyed it, so I centered a bunch of our science/school work around Fall this week.  Next week we are going out of town on a Fall nature adventure in mid-Michigan.  So the timing is perfect.

I also used the Amanda Bennett Download N Go Autumn Study.  I have discovered using Youtube to watch many of the stories on the Suggested Reading List.  Saves me a trip to the  Plus I have been so behind, that I haven't had time to even order the books.  I'm just grateful that we now have very forgiving libraries in our area since I have been forgetting to renew books too...big eyeroll here!

Math has been interesting this week.  Caty, not a big writer, is working on carryover and borrowing up to 4 columns.  She can handle it, and is doing well, but HATES that she can't just do the math in her head all the  So I pulled out the whiteboards, and she seemed better with it.

Lydia is working her way through her review...she's doing really well.  We may be able to start her back up again by December at more of her grade level.  We'll wait and see.

But there were a few math lessons done on the

Lydia is super excited to get the opportunity to try her hand at guitar again.  She started online lessons with Guitar 360 Method.  Watch for her review next month.  

In Geography this week we started studying the Greater Antilles islands.  This week we covered Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.   I'm using printables from Enchanted Learning.  They have some great printable sheets with Flags, maps and even flag quizzes.

For our meal, we made a Haitian pork dish we saw in a video and mixed it with the Cuban beans we made from this recipe.  We left out the rice, since beans have so many carbs.  Joe said it was really good.  Caty loved the pork, but doesn't like

Lydia had 2 art classes online this week.  It just timed that way, since I had to reschedule one for her.  The first was one of her favorite artists, Van Gogh and her favorite work, Starry Night.

The other class was about MC Escher.  

Caty had a reveal for her castle that she built in Minecraft for History class.  She did so well!!  She was actually paying attention!!

In History, we listened to several chapters in our Story of the World Volume 2 while traveling.  We learned about early explorers into the New World and also African Kingdoms.  We listened to a Who Was book about William Shakespeare also.  The girls do not enjoy the same history learning style that I do.  So we are covering this area quickly.  We watched two more movies about this time period, A Knight's Tale and also Secret of the Kells.  We also watched a few documentaries I recorded from the Smithsonian and Discovery Channel on the Mayan and Aztec Empires....also covered in our history reading this week.

Lydia had another of her online Zoology classes, which she did NOT enjoy.  We were expecting something different from this class.  It's almost like an entire Biology class...not just how to become a Zoologist.  She already knew she would need to study animals very indepth to do a job like this.  And the material is covered in a very dry way.  I'm making her listen, and fortunately there's no out-of-class work for her to worry about.

We didn't have Science club this week.  We are on a two-week break.  But we still talked a little more about DNA.  The girls used pipe cleaners and pony beads to build DNA models and we discussed each part in more detail.

We are working hard on our daily Bible reading.  We are making ourselves accountable with each other.  We have a daily scripture we read and discuss.  We also made sure that we finished our study for Sunday done.  I found a great mom on Etsy that makes up easy to use study sheets for kids to use along with our Watchtower study.  I am using these to work on our grammar and sentence writing also.  

I worked on a low-carb chocolate cupcake for Caty for Chocolate Cupcake Day....It's going to be a work in progress.  I have the texture down, but the sweetener is what I need to work on now.  But she said they were better with the sugar-free chocolate frosting.

We had dentist appointments and eye appointments this week as we work our way through annual and semi-annual visit schedules.

Since Caty has been diagnosed Type 2, her eye appointments are even more important.  But she also has a condition in her eye called Kerocontosis.  Which is a misshapen eye/cornea.  She actually does not need her regular glasses anymore, but just reading glasses.  We go to an excellent optometrist that checks not just vision, but does a full eye health screening.  Caty even got to see the inside of her eye, and he sent her home with photos of her eyes to take to her endocrinologist next month.  It was a great visit.  Joe and Lydia had checks also.  Lydia will be in glasses for reading, but at a stronger script than Caty.  Joe is getting contacts.

Brayden had a cavity filled.  Now we are waiting on his oral surgeon appointment to get here so that we can see when his teeth can be pulled that still haven't come out.  They are getting in the way, so now it needs to be done.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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