Friday, November 2, 2018

More DNA, Archery Starts, Bowling Tournament, and Fall Activities

Making DNA strands from Pony Beads!

A friend gave us this huge "voluntary" watermelon.  It was huge.  This watermelon took two people to carry.  Check it out!  I think it was almost 50 pounds.

Archery started back.  Lydia absolutely loves archery.  She hasn't been for a while, and they started offering classes again.  So we signed up for her to get in some extra practice session with some excellent instructors.  

Some of our history reading from this week.  We also watched a few specials on the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan empires.

We had a massively busy few days planned.  We started our weekend visiting our family in Indiana and visiting a corn maze (one of our family's favorite fall activities)!

Hanging out after getting wet at the corn maze.  Pizza and movies with cousins.

Brayden had his first state event in Special Olympics.  He was invited to compete with our state bowling team.  So the next day we went to Columbus, Ohio for state tournament!!

He bowled his heart out.  He earned his first gold medal!

After we were done with his state tournament we headed back home for the two hour drive to pack the van and truck for a quick road trip into Michigan to visit the new Tree Canopy at Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan.

This was a neat trip.  We only spent a day there and barely saw everything the park had to offer.  Most of the canopy is handicap accessible.

But there were some cool climbing areas also.

A see-through ledge to step out on.

The leaves were barely changing because of the weird fall weather we were having.  But we saw a few very beautiful leaves/trees.

We also had a great time hanging at the hotel with our friends that came along.

It was a bit crazy the rest of the week with schoolwork.  Brayden had the week off and the girls did math and we also worked on reading/listening to our history (Story of the World Volume 2).  We still kept plenty

On our way home from Michigan, we stopped at our local science museum to see the Popology exhibit.  Joey got to drive the robot.

We did work on our geography and finished learning about the Greater Antilles this week.

We went woolly bear caterpillar hunting.  But we got rain this week, a lot of it.  So we didn't find any.

Saw some beautiful sites though.

Lots of swimming practice for upcoming Regionals!

We worked on some drawing/painting activities from Youtube.

And Lydia worked hard on her archery also.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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