Saturday, January 26, 2019

Artist/Musician Fair, Cleaning, Basketball, and Just Surviving the Snow

I can't believe I used to want to move to Alaska.  Maybe just visit someday now.  My autoimmune issues make dealing with the cold extremely hard.  We are not in a place to move anywhere warm, so I just do the best I can when we have extreme cold.  This week is one of those times.  We actually have been reaching temperatures in the negatives, and that's the temp...not just the wind chill.  YUCK!!!

We were supposed to get to go to Tennessee with Joe this week.  He hasn't been to his office there since his heart attack.  This would have been our first trip back, and Snow stood in our way.  We got a nasty snow storm over the weekend.  We ended up with roughly 8 inches of snow with strong winds and white out conditions.  It was worse south of us, which is what we would have had to drive through all the way to the north end of Kentucky.  The girls had their Artist/Musician Fair on Friday, so we couldn't extend our trip.  I guess we will try again in March/April.  At least it'll be warmer in Tennessee by then.  They always seem to get an early spring by that time!  We've been there in April and been in the upper 70s/lower 80s.  I can handle that.

It was a BIG week for basketball in our house.  The boys had 3 games and 1 regular practice this week.  Plus the girls had a game, and the boys were there for back-up, since we have a very small youth team.

The girl's team won, and the boy's team lost 1 game and won 2 games this week.

I figure I'd better start tackling a few of my cleaning projects that have been piling up.  One of them was to declutter the kids book shelves in the living room.  I have a bit of a shopping problem with books, and since we have an account on Scholastic, it's easy to feed that habit.  We have several books that we have multiple copies of because we have books that many of them are reading at the same time.  Or at least they were for the last couple years.  Not so much now.  So definitely time to clean the shelves.

The donation/sale pile when I got done.

Another example of the rough spine and neck have been swollen either due to hidden sugar in my diet or the weather or both...I ended up in a sling most of the week.  I still cannot move my right arm high enough to put on deodorant.  It's painful, but life still must go on.

Joey had "Crazy" Week at the Day-hab.  Monday was Red Day and Tuesday was Crazy Socks Day.  They had to cancel Monday due to weather.  So he combined Red Day and Crazy Socks day together.

There was a Crazy hat Day too...

Long division with remainders this week....need I even explain how rough this was?!?!  She caught on really quickly, but the stress of all the steps made her very upset and it was a rough time.

Caty finished up her Math level on Teaching Textbooks and is catching up.  She started her next level this week, mid week.  No rest for the  Math has been a real struggle area for both the girls.  Lydia "hates" math so it takes her longer because even when she gets it, she's whining and causes her problems.  But Caty really struggles due to learning disabilities.  Teaching Textbooks seems to be helping in this area for her.

Caty made a yummy lunch of homemade tomato soup on Tuesday.  She loved it!  I made cheese toasties to go with it.

 She was asked to make a couple dozen cookies for a friend of ours.  So one morning Caty and I spent a couple hours making sure she got her order ready.

Our country this week in Geography was Ukraine.  We watched some great videos and learned about the flag.  Our meal was dumpling and potatoes with cooked cabbage.  Caty loved it.  (It's really a diabetic nightmare though.)  Joe did not like the onions.

We are using Primary Language Lessons - Part 2 to work on our sentence structure and language skills.  This week their poem was about appreciating the Earth.  They were supposed to create beautiful art to show what they appreciate.  Caty snuck  and did her art  She is learning how to use Paint she

She wanted to make grape flavored rock candy to show solutions in science.  I'll update next week if this works for her.

On Friday, our homeschool group hosted an Artist/Musician Fair.  Each girl has been working on a project for a few weeks.  Caty did hers on Bob Ross, her new favorite artist.

Lydia on Beethoven because she's dying to learn to play Fur Elise.

Lydia played a basic version of Ode to Joy she has been learning at the piano lessons.

It's been a rough week with pain for myself and fighting to keep up.  But we have managed to survive.  Got our work done and plans set for next week.  Lots more basketball.  Hoping for a quick spring here, but the cold is going to only get worse for us in Ohio.  I'm not sure if my body will be able to handle too many weeks of these frigid conditions.

Hope that you had a wonderful week!  Linking up with other families...

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  1. You always accomplish so much in your week, I am always impressed with your schedule with 4 kiddo. I can barely manage my schedule with only two! I am sorry to hear about Joe’s medical issues. I have been dealing with my parents illness since August. So I know how stressful this time must be for all of you. I do keep up with you even if I don’t post much at the moment. Hopping Catie and Joe manage better health wise. You are in my thoughts.