Saturday, January 19, 2019

Life is Currently A Full Roller Coaster Ride - But Learning Continues

What a busy week we had....but that is not the new usual.  I'm trying hard to fight to find a way of keeping up with our new way of life.  There's are roughly 12 alarms set on my phone for daily meds.  This week Caty received her asthma diagnosis on top of the Type 2 diagnosis just three months ago.  She was also diagnosed with sleep apnea, and will be receiving a CPAP machine in the next month or so.  More diagnostics to go before she gets that.  It has been overwhelming to say the least.

Brayden still wanting to cook more!  He decided to take canned chicken and dumplings and make it deluxe.  He mixes in veggies to create his new soup.  He LOVES this!!

Meet our newest family member.... Hershey.  Lydia's new rabbit for 4H.  It's a Netherland Dwarf.

This week in Geography we traveled the remaining Scandinavian countries.

In Science they worked on the States of Matter experiments....



We used these glass beads to represent particles.

The girls also looked at the crystalline patterns with solids.  They used a frozen chocolate bar and salt to compare.

In Science Club they worked on separating particles with a 6V battery

They created chemical changes...baking cookies

And worked on creating energy to knock the cup over.

Girls had basketball practice.  The boys did too, plus they had a game this week.  Their other game was cancelled due to that yucky snowstorm we got on Saturday.

Joe is working on his cardiac rehab at our local gym.  He has the new apple watch, so that we can watch his heart rate.  I had a personal best this week.  I actually finished 4 miles in 30 minutes.  The machine wouldn't register though after the first 30 minutes, so I had to restart it in order to finish the final 0.03 crazy.  But great for me.

Unfortunately we ended up back in the ER that night with Joe.  He had some chest pains on the treadmill, but his heart rate wasn't changing.  The ER dr said his magnesium level was low, so they gave him an infusion.  He had a few more pains the rest of the week.  He had bloodwork follow-up on Tuesday to check his levels again.  Not sure if he will have to be on supplements yet.  Plus he had a trip to the chiropractor to help with his shoulder pain.  He may have some swollen chest muscles causing the pain.  Not sure yet.  We'll wait until after appointment on Tuesday to find out more.  The pains seemed to have moved from his sternum to his shoulder area again.

Saturday we got about 8-9 inches of snow with frigid temperatures.  So I baked some low-carb yummy treats for the family.

Plus had to clear the driveway twice!  I ended up clearing it a third time on Sunday.  I didn't let the boys do it because of the frigid temps we also received.  But last weekend they did help us clear the driveway.

In History one of our lessons was on the history of the Taj Mahal, so we made Butter chicken again for lunch at Caty's request.

She really loves this dish.

Both girls finished their Teaching Textbook levels and advanced onto the next grade.  That means Lydia is almost caught up in math and Caty is running just a grade level behind!!  Very excited about this!!

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