Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Acts to Revelation - Drive Thru History Review

We are HUGE Dave Stotts - Drive Thru History® fans.  We were super excited to get the opportunity to review the latest DVD set Drive Thru History® Acts to Revelation.

Dave Stotts is the drive behind... Drive Thru History®.  He has traveled the world digging up historical stories and events and visiting those spots.  He has traveled through Biblical history, American history and other World historical events.  In Acts to Revelation, Dave visits the areas of the Middle East and takes you through the New Testament and walk through the eyes of the first Christians.  Through the 18 episodes, your family will visit Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Rome, and Patmos looking at these historical locations through the eyes of those first spreading the Gospel.  

Last year we had the privilege of reviewing the Online subscription Drive Thru History®.  We watched the Biblical Adventures around the memorial of Jesus death.  We all enjoyed the episodes, and even better, we could follow along with our Bibles.  Brayden though really enjoyed that series.  He was so excited when we received our DVD set.  The three-DVD set comes in a very nice storage box that looks like a book on the shelf.  

The insert is actually a full book.  Inside the guide, there is a brief description of each episode.  Along with discussion questions.

Each episode is roughly 30 minutes in length.  So it's not overwhelming for attention spans.  We have been working our way through the New Testament in our Bible reading.  We have just started 1 Corinthians, so finished with Acts and Romans, the early life of the Apostle Paul.  We have access to many pictures of historical places with the help of our study bible.  But watching Acts to Romans has completely fit into our Family Bible Studies.  We are watching Dave Stotts drive through and walk through areas that the first century Christians did.  

We have been watching an episode a week.  And we turn it into a fun time.  Sometimes we make dinner, and watch an episode together.  Or have cookies/ice cream, some sort of treat.  It has been great family together time.

Dave keeps our attention, not only with the various spots that he is visiting, but with his humor.  His jokes and antics keep the kids on their toes.  (Brayden usually has a grin on his face throughout most of these episodes).  In this series, they keep wondering what vehicle he will be driving next.  

Each episodes brings us information on the area that benefits not only our Bible reading, but also geography too.  Dave Stotts brings our the culture and even includes locals from the area.  So we are learning about food and traditions also.

We have used other Drive Thru History® products, including their early American History series.  We have loved them all.  Drive Thru History® products are entirely family friendly.  So many times I have to pre-watch episodes of shows to make sure they were appropriate.  But I do not need to do this with Drive Thru History® - Acts to Revelation..  Younger children might find the non-cartoon approach a little bit of a struggle to watch, but even young children will love looking at the episodes with their Bible Story books and see the REAL places, and not just illustrations.

Using Drive Thru History® is a great way to make a connection for your family not only Biblically, but historically.  You can see that the places and locations spoken of in the Bible are real....they are not made up.  Just more evidence showing that the Bible is a real book, and not a made up fictional story.

I cannot wait to finish the Acts to Revelation series (even though we have not finished reading the New Testament).  It has helped so much to be able to have that extra visual to enhance our Bible studies.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the Acts to Romans DVD set from Drive Thru History®.  Click on the link below to read how they used this in their homes and how they feel about it.

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