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Homeschool Complete Unit Studies Review - Studying Asia and Baseball

We recently had the opportunity to review two Unit Studies from Homeschool Complete.  Caty reviewed Asia (Grades 3-4), and Lydia reviewed Baseball (Grades 4-6).

Asia, the Complete Unit Study takes you and your student to the continent of Asia.  You explore the various countries of this region.  We read about China, Japan, Russia, India, and many other countries.  We watched videos about their geographic features, animals and cultural traditions.  

But the really great thing about using Asia, the Complete Unit Study, was that all the planning was done for me.  I simply collected books from the library or searched for videos on the topics we would be covering that day.  I also printed the worksheets.  Asia, the Complete Unit Study, includes math, language arts/writing skills, history, art, and geography to give your student a full daily learning experience.  

Many of the activities in the Asia unit study are hands on.  Some examples including using note cards to make a map of the continents.  Caty wrote all the continent names on cards and then spent the week practicing laying them where they would be located on a flat map.

One art project was learning about Chinese paper art and lanterns.

Daily math lessons are included.  This day Caty needed to make change.

Some of the books she read during the week.  She absolutely loved all the books.

I don't have a picture, but she also made a egg recipe from this book.  The typical way that the Japanese serve eggs in the morning.  Caty wasn't a fan of the sweet scramble eggs.

Lydia studied the Baseball, the Complete Unit Study.  She loves to play softball every summer, so I thought this study would expand her understanding.  She really enjoyed studying the history of baseball and its historic players.  Her math included figuring percentages and working on statistics.  One of her language arts activities included Spelling Baseball.

This was another activity which was a great hands-on learning.  She had to identify which form of there, their, or they're to complete the sentence.

We learned about many historical baseball figures and baseball skills using the Baseball Complete Unit Study.  

Each day's lesson plan is completely laid out.  I could read the script or go off the script as needed with the girls.  Depending on the reading or videos we decided to watch that day would adjust the time we were working on school.  Some days lessons could last a couple hours, others were done pretty quickly and gave them extra exploration time. 

We received the PDF digital download files for our review.  They were very easily downloaded and printable from Adobe.   

Book lists and suggestions are included.  I was able to find many of them, some though I couldn't get through out system.  I did find a few on Youtube that were videos of the books being read aloud.  

Homeschool Complete has done a great job creating an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum and unit studies.  With the girls learning disabilities, sometimes it's hard to find material that will work out or adjust to their needs.  I had to make very little adjustments for each of the girls in their studies.  The grade level suggestions for both the Unit Studies we have completed were spot on in my opinion.  I can't wait to do a few more of these Unit Studies in the future and give a little change to our homeschool learning style.

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