Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Christian Focus - Elizabeth Prentiss - More Love Book Review

We recently had the opportunity to review a new-to-us book series, the Trail Blazers from Christian Focus Publications.  We read Elizabeth Prentiss - More Love written by Claire Williams.

The Trail Blazers series from Christian Focus Publications features more than 50 heroes and heroines of history that have served God even in the most stressful situations and triumphed over the adversities that were causing stumbling blocks.

Elizabeth Prentiss suffered a major loss as a young child.  The death of her father had a deep effect on her.  He was a minister though and had started at a young age to instill the love of God in his children.  So as Elizabeth was mourning, she was able to rely on God for strength.  She did struggle with her faith as she entered her teenage years and young adulthood.  

But as she grew older, she knew she needed to take marriage seriously.  She knew marriage took much sacrifice and she would only marry a man that she knew she could be completely devoted too.  Elizabeth thought that just marrying for convenience and because you should was not a good enough reason to get married.  She wanted to get married to a man that she adored.  Fortunately she was proposed to by a man that she adored and she said yes.  

The very happy couple had children, and unfortunately faced major pain and heartache.  Their son Eddy was dying from meningitis.  Elizabeth stay by his side and encouraged him to trust and have faith in God.  Unfortunately tragedy struck another blow to the young family, when just a few months later they lost their new baby suddenly and without warning.  

Elizabeth grieved deeply.  She also became strength to other grieving parents.  She wrote a book titled, How Sorrow was Changed into Sympathy.  It was shared with people who had experience the same kind of loss.  

She wrote more and even hymns.  One of her most famous was More Love to Him.  Her suffering through her tragic loss of her children, caused her to to really develop a steadfast and true faith in God.

The story Elizabeth Prentiss - More Love written by Claire Williams was written for roughly upper elementary through middle school levels, but easily could be used for a high school project.  A couple extras that the Trail Blazers series book Elizabeth Prentiss - More Love features are a timeline of Elizabeth's life, and also Thinking Further Topics.  These are not just comprehension questions, but questions that make you think.  The questions (or Challenges) refer to various parts of Elizabeth's life and draw the student to look deep inside and see how they can apply the principles that Elizabeth lived by in their own lives.

Even though we do not share all the same beliefs as Elizabeth Prentiss, the girls and I enjoyed this title as a read-aloud during relaxing times.  This title is very manageable for a wide range of reading skill levels and will not cause your child to feel overwhelmed.  It would make a great addition for an elementary/middle school level Bible-based reading project or youth group, especially with the Thinking Further Topics.  I can't wait to dig into other books in the Trail Blazers series to go with our history lessons.

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