Friday, May 17, 2019

On the Go and Getting Science Fair completed .... Horse Riding

We didn't have much recovery time after Joey's party.  The day after his party, we had a wedding to go to.  It was a fun trip to see everyone in Joe's family.

The turtles were sunning on the rocks.

Lydia had an appointment the next day with her naturopath doctor.   She also missed her sea turtle class on Outschool.  Fortunately we were able to watch the recording on our way to the dr.  It was very informative, and we both learned new things about this species.

When we got home, she got started on her science project.  Her science fair project is studying the effects of pollution on eggs - thinking of the problems that sea turtle eggs could face.  She took 8 bowls and filled them with sand and various pollutants you can find on the beach.  Think about the trash that people leave behind....sunscreen, medicine, food garbage, motor oil (from jet skis, boats and even driving on the beach). 

She watered them daily to keep the sand moist, just like crashing waves would do.  But one she left in a "drought" state.

She kept her glasses on from Dyslexia Gold when she was doing her math.

Brayden made pumpkin muffins and oatmeal cookies for his 4H projects.

Lydia had a game this week on top of practices.  She is really enjoying volleyball!

In her Dr. Who class they made t-shirts.  Lydia is working on hers here. 

Our chicks outgrew their little area in our living room.  So I had to rush around and get their outside area ready.

Caty made mini-SF pudding pies for everyone.  She made chocolate for herself and her siblings.  And pistachio for Joe.

I converted the rabbit hutch into a mini-coop for the chicks.

This was priceless...I had to get it on film!

This is the start of Caty's science fair project.  She wanted to know if ants preferred salty or sweet treats.

Then Lydia, my aunt and I headed to Columbus for Lydia's riding competition.  This is her 4th year competing in the All American Youth Show.

Practicing on Friday night.

Relaxing at the hotel.

Wearing her sponsor shirt while out and about at the fairgrounds.

She did really well.

2nd place in Showmanship

1st place in Horsemanship - Independent.

It was definitely a busy week.  Joe was feeling under the weather half the week, so I was super busy balancing everyone's schedules and needs.  I was exhausted by the time we got home on Saturday.  But that's another day in the life of a mom!

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