Saturday, May 11, 2019

Party Prep, Yemen, Sewing Project, and Party Day Finally Here

This was a long....long week.  I missed a lot of pictures the first part of the week.  My anxiety this week was off the chart.

Our country this week was Yemen....I failed poor Yemen.  We did not have a geography meal this week.  But they did watch videos and we colored the flag.

We had science club on Monday we did some experiments in particles.

One glass has gelatin and one glass has some salt water.  You can see below which one the particles block the sunlight in.

Hydrochloric acid to determine which stone was lime (acids/base reactions).

Can't talk about acids without discussing stomach acid.  So we used some cooked spaghetti noodles I had precooked for dinner and mixed with hydrochloric acid. 

Then we added an antacid tablet to see what would happen.

With parent help we tried to make pop rock candy.  This will be one to try again.

I finally got Joey's senior pictures edited and printed.

Lydia had her first volleyball game.  This is a new sport in her career.  She is enjoying it.

Our team won.  She is currently playing on the adapted team.  This helps for smaller people and those with less strength.  She hopes to work her way up to the traditional team in the next couple years.

Caty made a cute Ugly Doll in her sewing class.

For a cooking project, Lydia made taco baked potatoes.  I showed her how microwave potatoes, because I really forgot to remind her to put the potatoes into the oven.

Working on the posters for Joey's graduation party.

The girls had a team building paint night with the local high school cheerleaders.  They had a lot of fun creating their art.

My brain (like most people) does not handle anxiety well.  I was struggling to get preparations done for Joey's party.  My friends were helping me a lot with making the seed bombs that we put out on the tables for people to take.  But it's the little things that you know you have to handle yourself, that's what was getting me.  So I completely forgot about taking a snack to Joey's Star Wars Day at work.  I pulled these 3 treats together in just under two hours and got them delivered in time!

Cheese tie-fighters

Chewbecca & Princess Leia cupcakes

This was the load of items to take to the party....decorations and food prep items.

It was a costume party.  Of course, Moms are the last to think of themselves...this was my costume.

It's party time!!!

Caty and I made the cake.  You can tell we are not professionals...but Joey loved it.

We put out a bunch of yard games in the gym for people to play.  I found this at Amazon.  It's so cool!

Joey got to see lots of his old friends.  Even his last public school teacher came, and that was 2nd grade!!!

My brother created his own super hero... Forgeman. 

There was a costume contest.

Joey was exhausted.  It was a long day.  I actually split his party up into two parties.  To make it easier for him, with a break between the two.  But it was still exhausting.

My sister-in-law remembered that Joey used to call soy sauce, Power Sauce.  My niece dressed up a bottle of soy sauce in a superhero costume and gave it to Joey.  This was so awesome!!

A huge graduation card full of Yu-gi-oh cards.  He was excited!

It was a great party and we got to celebrate with the people that love Joey very much.  We were very humbled by the people coming out to celebrate.  He got some amazing gifts and loved seeing everyone!!

Now it is time to get back to regular life and finish the "official" school year with the other kiddos.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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