Saturday, June 1, 2019

Let the Summer Craziness Begin....

Our Summer of Craziness is about to begin.  I'm planning on them still working on areas where they are struggling.  We can work around camp and work schedules, and also online classes.

 Lydia is officially a Zoo Teen and going through all her training.  She's currently at the zoo at least once a week, but will be up to two times a week by July.

The family participated in the Zoo's 5K fundraiser.  Joe actually ran it and finished in 45 minutes.  Since he has never done a 5K before, not too bad.

Lydia and I loved these two parakeets.  They were adorable.

We stopped and helped a friend one day by exercising her dog just a little while she had to be gone one day.  We love Sadie.  She's a cool dog.

Playing a game that goes along with Lydia's Zoology project.

One of many trips to Cedar Point this coming season.

The Voices of HOPE self-advocacy group held its monthly meeting.  There was an illusion show.  Joey got to participate and had a blast.

This was a cooking week for Caty...she made pancakes and bacon for her breakfast.

And then decided to make eclairs....for the first time...

Lydia had a volleyball game and Joe really enjoys helping to run the scoreboard.

It's flower planting time.  So much work always to do in the yard.  I swear having a stone yard would not be a big deal to me.  Less work.

We had the first of many BBQs since the pool is finally opened.

Smores with friends.

Caty planting flowers.

Joe power washed my parents house and our back deck.

Lydia's volleyball team.

Caty made a pear pie.

Cheer practice

Another Zoology project...storing animal feed in proper conditions.

Track and Cycling...

Working on her schoolwork on the way to ZooTeen shift.

At 4H they did a cool spy code activity. Caty really enjoyed this.

And a fun game of dodgeball with friends.

Caty, Joey and Brayden participated in their first tennis tournament.  We learned so much.  Next up is State.

Our tennis team.... (minus Lydia since she had a horse riding competition that day too).

Hope everyone had a great week!

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