Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Mill Creek Entertainment - Life With Dog DVD Review

We recently had the opportunity to review a new feature film from Mill Creek Entertainment - Life With Dog.  It was a wonderful addition to our family movie night.

Life With Dog is roughly 106-minute feature length film featuring stars Corbin Bernsen, Marilu Henner and Chelsey Crisp.  It is a family rated film or NR.  Life With Dog has something for everyone in the family.  There is tragedy, drama, comedy and of course a very sweet dog for the animal lovers.

The opening of the movie starts out with what turns out to be a tragic accident where Joe loses his wife in a bicycling accident.  He is struggling with his grief and resisting any outside help with his feelings and what the tragedy that had occurred.   His daughter struggles to help him as she watches her father's life starting to crumble. 

On top of the tragedy, Joe is dealing with a housing development that is buying up all the properties around his home to build apartment buildings.  Joe has no interest in selling his property to them, and fights with them regularly throughout the film. 

Then out of the blue a dog just shows up and makes himself at home.  "Dog" looks straggly and unkept, and Joe just assumes he does not have a home.  At first he fights to have him leave.  But eventually he gives up and accepts Dog as a confidant and friend.  Dog is loyal to him, even as Joe continues to search for the person who hit and killed his wife.

Events continue to link together as Joe uncovers an unexpected turn of events to reveal who killed his wife.  He learns about acceptance from his friend Dog.

The girls and I watched Life With Dog a couple times.  Lydia loved the star cast and recognized Corbin Bernsen from one of her favorite television shows.  They both love animal books/movies.  They are huge fans of Garth Stein books.  So Life With Dog fit with them.  

That being said, there are some mature themes throughout this movie.  The death of his wife, even though nothing graphic was shown, is definitely a topic for families to discuss and would be hard for younger kids.  Caty did ask many questions throughout the movie about various topics dealing with grief.  She has never personally dealt with a very close family member dying.   Life With Dog opened up several discussions when we watched it regarding death, taking personal responsibility for our actions, and also relying on God and not ourselves when times are tough.  This definitely makes me rate this film as a great family movie night addition.  It'll be on our shelf to continue watching.

We received the actual DVD of Life With Dog.  There is also a digital format that you receive when you purchase the title.  Which is nice for on-the-go travel and entertainment.  You can purchase this DVD at Walmart starting June 4th.  What a great way to spend family night on those hot evenings when it's too warm to be outside!

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Life With Dog.  Click on the picture below to see how they enjoyed this title with their families.

Life With Dog {Mill Creek Entertainment Reviews}
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