Friday, June 7, 2019

Summer Camp, Fundraisers, First Summer Library Shifts, More Cedar Point

This week started out very busy.  Lydia had her NSBA competition show.  Fortunately it was at our local stable, so I didn't need to drive far.  After all the driving to the tennis tournament the day before, I needed a slight break.  Lydia did well.  She placed 1st in Showmanship, 1st in Pleasure and 2nd in Horsemanship.

Plus she also got her new riding shirt for her next riding adventure.... YEDA.  She'll start that this upcoming fall and it's through when she turns 19.

Brayden baked peanut butter cookies also.  There is a constant mess in our kitchen.  Someone always seems to be in there doing something.

Monday was a busy day.  First I had a meeting for Brayden's upcoming Employment Skills camp.  It's a 3 week long camp and I had yet to sign all the county/state papers for it.  We met at the local library, so the girls checked out books and colored while waiting for Brayden and I to finish.  They have a great teen area at this branch.

Next up for the day was lunch and we took Grandma to get her nails done.  While she was at the salon, I took Lydia to the chiropractor.  Then we ran home, ate dinner and finished packing Lydia for her 4H Science Camp.  She was super excited.  I was happy that one of her 4H Club friends was in her cabin too.  They shared a bunk set!

Then I rushed off to Indiana to see our niece play softball.  She did great!!

Tuesday morning was a slow morning with school work that needed completed.  I only had Brayden and Caty at home, since Joey was at work.  Brayden though had to be at the library by 1 for his volunteer shift.  On the way there we stopped at Game Stop to pick up his new game pre-order.  He was super proud of his purchase.

He taught himself chess to play with people at the game table.

That night they had track and cycling.  This was the last track/cycling for them this season.

The next day, Brayden started back to his 2-3 day work schedule for the summer.  He had to pack his big lunch box for work that day.  He said it's a man's lunch box.  Plus his Uncle Bob and Aunt Lisa gave it to him.  He loves that cooler.

We had a weird week of pick-ups and drop offs with Lydia at camp.  Caty and I hung out at the library one day and read and she did her work.

The kids will be doing schoolwork all summer.  I will plan bookwork on days when we travel around, and they can use my tablet for math.  The big things we are working on is writing/grammar and math.  They also have research and projects to do to get their 4H projects done.

This week though we also had a big fundraiser for the Henry County Resource Council, an organization that helps people with disabilities in our area.  It was a Pizza/Bingo that I helped put together.  We had an amazing prize table!!

Lots of pizza...

Picking up Lydia after Science Camp.  She had a blast!

We went to a lot of Garage Sales on Thursday so that we could look for dolls that Caty could repurpose.  I found a few other items, like shorts for Brayden for his work camp this summer.  It was fun and exhausting.

For National Doughnut Day I surprised them with doughnuts on our way to Cedar Point.

While they played....I crocheted with my feet up and enjoyed the sun.

 He ate onions on his chili dog!!!

On our way home we saw a group of semis transporting the blades for a new wind turbine in our area.  This was cool to see.  We have actually toured the wind turbines, but to see the blades like this really showed us how big they are!!

On Saturday, Joe and I went to a small lunch with some old friends he used to work with.  These are the people that gave him his first "career" shot.  He got into IT from there.

Then we came home and had a small pool party with friends.

We played games and enjoyed the camp fire.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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  1. Congrats to Lydia!! Looks like a great week for everyone. You're right about the perspective of seeing the turbine blade being transported - it's huge! Thanks for linking up!