Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Week I Gave Up on School....

We started the week out at Cedar Point...playing and having fun.

When Joey was at the Project STIR conference, one of the teachers was from Sandusky area.  He is a coaster lover and challenged Joey to ride the Top Thrill Dragster....Joey took on the challenge and won.

It started getting hot, so we headed over to Cedar Shores and the girls played until it was time to leave!

Lydia had Horse Showmanship camp all Caty and I went to the library one morning where they were making galaxy bottles.

Brayden and Lydia had two shifts at the library working.  You can see Lydia in the background.  Her camp was in the am, except one day.  That day she worked at the zoo in the am and then went to camp in the afternoon.

I spent a couple days at a local hospital with my mom for her therapy and doctor appts.  They have a nice courtyard area, so I worked out there.

It was 4H judging week on top of everything else going on.....It was truly a busy...busy week!

I camped out in the corner with their food and project bags.  As they finished with each judge, they came to me and got their stuff for the next judge.

My dad had an appointment also at a different hospital.  I hung out in their cafeteria area during his appt.  They had a pretty and calming area too.

As we were leaving, we looked over and saw a mama duck and her babies.  You can barely see them in the grass.  They are the brown specs.

That evening the girls had cheer practice.  Starting last week, they had a new dance routine to learn for competitions coming up soon.

Lydia with the chickens she's going to be showing at the fair.

Lydia's show rabbit, Hershey

Caty at Livestock Judging.  Yes we have two days of judging this week, and three days of judging during the fair.  The girls had four projects that day of judging.  Lydia is taking chickens and rabbits.  Caty is bringing her rabbit.  Lydia will be riding in the 4H Horse show.

That night, after judging, Lydia had softball practice.  Games are starting soon.  Can't miss practice.

Some of the judging results.
Joey placed second in the county with his two projects, You're the Chef - Senior and Pantry Panic.  Lydia placed First for her Sports Nutrition project, and will go to state the last week of July for this project.  Brayden earned in Honorable Mention for his project - Race Around the Clock to Awesome Meals.

Brayden worked two days that week.  He finished up his Employment Camp, and is back to his regular schedule.  Friday after we picked him up for work, we headed to Indiana to the Angola Balloon Fest with Joe's sister and her kiddos.  Lydia then worked at the zoo again on Saturday.  We were very busy and survived.  July is always absolutely horrendous...I actually despise this month each year because of it.  It's not the horrible heat wave that hits...just the schedule.  Now you can see why we did absolutely none of our regular summer skills studies this week....

How was your week?

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