Saturday, July 6, 2019

4H Season Means a Busy Kitchen

May through July is busy in our house for cooking projects.  Here are a few from this 4H season.  This is Joey's last year in 4H.  He has aged out.  I'm so sad, but trying to work hard on his life skills.

Joey made honey mustard coleslaw for Joe.

Lydia created a hummus and cucumber sandwich on flatbread.

Joey learned how to make sweet and sour chicken in the crockpot and served it over rice.

 Joey invented a bacon fried rice with chicken strips in it.

Lydia learned how to make minestrone.

Caty did a lot of baking.  This is her lemon meringue pie.

She worked hard on cake decorating.

This was her judging cake.

Lydia made a grape infused drink for her Sports Nutrition project.

Brayden made a cheesy hashbrown casserole with peas for dinner and a pear crumble.

Joey learned to make a creamy chicken noodle casserole.

With cookie ice cream cups.

His pasta with sauce recipe with parmesan cheese on top.

Stew Beef shepherd's pie

And Lemon shrimp and noodles.

Brayden made a gluten free, nut free peanut butter cookie with Rolos in them.

Caty's peach pie

Brayden's BBQ Chicken pour a pan pizza

Brayden's smores bars invention

Caty created a cherry chocolate chip pie for judging.  I was told it was super good!

I need to make sure they are cooking more each week to help me with meals.  But they will also help themselves by learning how to not just eat out of a cardboard frozen food box.

Hope every one has a great week!!

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