Thursday, August 15, 2019

4H Fair Activities and Shows

July was so busy!!!  We went constantly, or at least it felt like it.  The kids had lots of work hours both at their jobs and with 4H prep for the upcoming fair.  I also helped to organize a curriculum fair.

Worked my first parent volunteer shift with Lydia at the zoo.

They did lots of activities with the local library summer reading program.

Competitive Cheer Season was in full swing.

Lydia had prep for her upcoming two day show at the fair.

Joey earned an award at work.

Softball season also started in full in full swing!  One out of town game took us past this historical marker.  It is a memory bench for a shootout that happened in the later 1930s.  Two officers lost their lives and one of the escaped convicts died also.  It is the site where their killing spree was stopped.

Joey being silly.

Caty had a drastic change!!!

Before we knew it...the 4H fair began.  Booth decorating.

Animals had to be displayed and cages decorated.

Joe and I went for a walk with friends along the river.  It was a nice couple hours of quiet before the storm of upcoming chaos.

Brayden's favorite....working at the 4H Milkshake barn.  He worked 3 extra shifts on top of our regular club shift.

The girls were working hard on their Open class projects for the next fair.

 So many early mornings and late nights taking care of the animals.

Lydia found her name on the county board showing who will represent our county at State.

It was a disappointing rabbit judging.  But Caty still loves Peter, and has already started plans for next year.

Annual 4H dance with friends and her cousin.

Joe took Lydia to state judging.  She didn't place.  Nutrition state judging is such a new world than county judging.  She tried hard, and learned a lot.

Chicken judging.

Cheesecake for the 4H Bake-off challenge.

Fair cheer competition!

First place in Spirit for our team.

 4H Bake off auction

We had two days of horse shows for Lydia at this fair.

Oh and they threw in another milk shake barn shift during the two horse shows!!

We also went out to the Sportsmen Club to target shoot.  It was the family picnic night.

I was pretty proud of that center shot I got.

Joe on the Skeet range.  I don't shoot this gun anymore.  It has too much kick for me.

For three years now Caty has been visiting this booth at the fair.  They were featured on Food Network.  They have such a great relationship with Caty.  She baked them a cheesecake this year, and even though she did not win anything from the Bake Off, they voted her cheesecake the best.

They surprised her with this Prize!!

Second day of shows...

She got a 1st and 2nd place.

Then it was off to the combine derby before picking up the animals from the barns to bring them home.

The day after the fair we headed to Cedar Point with family.  We spent time on the coaster side and at the water park too.

We didn't play long at the lake, just long enough to sit on the beach for a few minutes.  Caty wanted to stay longer.  But with the algae bloom, I didn't want to take the chance of her getting sick.

More softball practice.

Lots of work for me.  I have learned to take advantage of any work opportunities I can.  Lydia was working on grounds at the zoo one day in separated shifts.  So I worked at the picnic tables outside the zoo mounting photos for our county fair.

And even worked on classwork too.  Moms work too....all the time!!!

This was all within a week....yes only a week!!  The last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August are always jammed packed.  I'm glad that it's almost over!