Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Britfield & the Lost Crown Chapter Book Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the Britfield & the Lost Crown written by C.R. Stewart and published by Britfield & The Lost Crown.  Caty has been enjoying following the adventures of Tom & Sarah.  

Britfield & the Lost Crown is set in a more modern time period that is written to create a real-world connection for kids ages middle school through young adult.  Britfield & the Lost Crown is the first in a five part chapter book series.  The author has created a world that is realistic and really encourages students with accurate history, geography, architecture and culture all built around an edge-of-your-seat adventure.  

We received the printed novel.  It was trade paper back sized and well constructed.  It traveled very well in her backpack when we were out and about the last few weeks.  Britfield & the Lost Crown is also available in ebook download and audiobook from Audible.

The story starts out with Tom and Sarah living at Weatherly Orphanage.  This is located in England.  Weatherly Orphanage is not a great place for the kids.  They are provided with little food and overworked.  They are not allowed to have a childhood.  It's every kids dream to escape.

One day, Tom is given the hope that his parents may still be alive.  This motivates Tom to run away from Weatherly Orphanage with his friend Sarah, in hopes of finding out who he really is.

This adventure and new life chapter takes Tom and Sarah all over England.  They are faced with challenges that scare them, and yet they overcome them!  Can you imagine the fun and fear that you could have while being on the run in a hot air balloon?

Who really is Tom?  Is he part of the royal family line?  Or is his parents famous professors?  Who are his parents and why did they leave him?  So much that Tom thought he knew is changing and he has a whole new life to find.  With his best friend at his side, will he be able to discover who he is?

Britfield & the Lost Crown also has a study guide that you can purchase along with your title.  It contains vocabulary, comprehension questions, research skills, journal topics, and historical and geographical topics for you to discuss with your child or have them write reports on.  

Caty has been enjoying Britfield & the Lost Crown.  She's not quite up to their recommended age level, but almost there.  She says the story is very exciting.  So far we have not printed or written in the study guide yet, but I have been using the vocabulary and comprehension sections with her verbally.  She is understanding that knowing what the vocabulary words mean is super important to be able to really immerse herself in the story.  The Learn More With Technology sections in the study guide are excellent.  If she were a little older, I would definitely include those questions in her work.  They really encourage good research and critical thinking skills.

I thought that Britfield & the Lost Crown is well written and very easy to read.  It could easily be a read aloud with your family, or just assigned reading for a literature study unit.  With the study guide, you would definitely be able to turn Britfield & the Lost Crown into a full literature unit to cover together.

Caty and I cannot wait to continue the series and watch those promised movies when they come out!!

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