Friday, August 2, 2019

Caty's 2019-2020 Curriculum Choices

Math - Teaching Textbooks Grade 6 - We use the online subscription for the girls.

A History of the U.S. by Joy Hakim - We'll be going through 4-5 volumes this year in this series depending on how long we spend studying extra certain areas of history.

Kingdom Code - She wants to learn about starting a business.  Her goal is to own a food truck someday.  So we want to pave the way as usual.

Literature/Spelling/Grammar - Memoria Press Literature series - For this I plan on using a variety of grade levels to help her "catch up" closer to her grade level.  She may always have a slight delay in the spelling and grammar area.  She loves reading, so I am going to gear her choices toward the area in history we are and individual books I want her to read.

She'll also be using the newer Reading Eggs 200 Essentials for Grade 5.

Writing - Powerhouse Writing - Grades 4 - 8.

Science - We are going to continue with our Science Club.  This year is Earth Science using Prentice Hall Earth science textbook and comprehension guide.

A Beka Health - Health in a Christian Perspective - this will be a slower study for Caty.  She'll work on this book over a two year period most likely and really explore the internal working of the human body.

US Geography - Using various resources over the next couple of years for this.  We'll be visiting each state and working our way through the country alphabetically.  State meals and snacks will be prepared.  They will also work on their drawing skills using the A Kid's Guide to Drawing America Series.  We have all 50 books.  They are hard to come by and I'm super excited to get started!  We'll also use Smithsonian Aerial America and various books from the library.

This year Caty is going to try taking Japanese lessons.  She is about all things Japan.  I was fortunate to have a friend get me connected to a professor that teaches beginners Japanese.  I am nervous and excited for her.

Drawing/Art - For drawing, she has started a drawing course on Udemy.  She is doing really well with this class.  She asked to learn how to really add detail and be able to draw humans.  So far she has mastered drawing the human eye.

She also wants to continue her work on learning how to repurpose and change dolls.  She is working on old Bratz dolls.  She's got all her tools to change out the hair and is practicing reapplying their makeup.

As always, we'll continue taking fun and cool classes that we find on  If you haven't seen this resource, I highly encourage you to check it out.  We've only had one really boring teacher.

In addition to her regular studies, she'll also have her weekly Bible story topics and character studies.

Caty will also be taking the next level sewing class and a crafts class at our co-op.  She'll be participating in Special Olympics track, swimming, cheerleading, soccer (Hopefully), and bowling.

This is our base for her "6th grade" Year.  I'm getting that overwhelming feeling that you always get just before school starts.  I know we'll find her niche and how she will work best.  It just takes a couple weeks to get back into the routine.

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