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Library and Educational Services LLC Review

We have been homeschooling for several years.  But I was just introduced to an absolutely amazing online book store Library and Educational Services LLC.  They allowed us to review several titles of our choice from the Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction Series, as well as a Who Was series title, and even an audio story from their Lifehouse Theater CD series.  This website is a game changer for us!!  Our homeschool library will be able to grow larger, and stay within budget.

We had the opportunity to review several products from Library and Educational Services LLC.  There were so many wonderful products, that I had a truly hard time choosing what to order.  In fact, I have already created my own wishlist to keep adding to our collection.

The first series that we checked out goes along with our American History studies.  Caty is really into fictional and non-fiction kids history books.  This Stories in American History series seemed to fit the range for Caty.

The Stories in American History series contains 4 books as seen below.  They were written for ages 10 and up.  These well written and information stories contain researched facts for students to use as their choice of reading or even to be used in their own history reports.  They are hardcover, library style books.  Well made and sturdy covers.  (Unfortunately they were dropped and stepped on a few times during the review period when Caty would fall asleep while reading them.  No ripped pages and the covers and binding are still in excellent condition.)  This set of 4 books is priced at only $25.70, retails for $137.80 normally.

The books contain full-color photographs throughout.  When these books were written, the authors did a great job including real photographs of the information that you are reading about.  So children are seeing pictures such as the one below of the valleys where the explorers roamed.  Or even cannons that were fired during battles.

One of our other choices was The How Animals Shaped History Series.  I thought this series would not disappoint my animal loving child.  I was right there.  This series is written for students in elementary school level, so it was a little below Lydia's "level".  But they were so much fun to read!

The fun part of this series, the stories were so interesting.  Do you realize how much of an impact that animals have had on our society?  Beavers were very important in early Colonial times because of their furs and tails.  Wars were fought between tribes over beavers!  Horses for transportation, Bison for food and fur, and even Mules were important for our history in America.  These fun reads were even fascinating for me.  

The How Animals Shaped History series is available for only $17.70, normal retail price would be $94.40.  They are also well constructed and beautiful full color photographs and illustrations.

But the generosity of the Library and Educational Services LLC did not stop with those titles.  They also allowed us to review the American Revolution Through Primary Sources series of books.  We received 4 hardcover titles in this series.  Retail for these titles $105.08, and they sell on Library and Educational Services LLC for only $19.70.

This series was written for Grades 4 and up.  I would definitely gear them for more advanced 4th grades and gauge them toward Middle school ages students for use in their history studies and report writing.

They contain full-color illustrations and photographs from the areas that you are learning about.  And are perfect as supplemental material to go along with American History studies and also help with writing required reports.  These are great for any type of schooling style that your family chooses.

We also had the opportunity to a new to us audio adventure called Trapped in Aesop's Fables from Lifehouse Theater CD series!  We listened to how Henry was whisked away into various famous Aesop's Fables while trying to learn the object and life lesson of each experience.  The fables included The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Goose and the Golden Egg and The Milkmaid and Her Pail.  Even though it might seem like this was written and recorded for younger children, all of our kids actually enjoyed this audio book one day while we were out running errands.

I plan on purchasing more in this series and keep them in rotation when we just need a short book to listen too.  This audio book length is approximately 60 minutes.

Our last treasure were received in our box from Library and Educational Services LLC was form the Who Was series?  This is on of my absolute favorite history resources for the kids.  These books are mainly paperback.  We have a quite a collection already, but did not have Who Was Betsy Ross?  And even though we have been to her historic home, have never read this particular book.

We did enjoy this title and it fits in perfectly with our current early American History studies.  I really love the special that Library and Educational Services LLC are running currently for the Who Was series titles.  You can get them right now for $2.89 per title.  They carry both the Who Was? and the What Was? series titles.  I actually collect and use these titles to enhance the kids history experience.  They are short and easy reads to go along with their current history topic.  You can easily assign out these as they cover a wide range of historical figures from both the ancient and modern time period.  And Library and Educational Services LLC has you covered on the price to make it easier for your budget!!

The package I received from Library and Educational Services LLC was well packed and there would have been no damage to the books if jostled too much in shipping.  They have a wide range of book prices ranging from $1.00 and up.  I now have a new go-to place for low priced books, and fast shipping.  

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review products that were generously given to them by Library and Educational Services LLC.  Click on the ad below to read more about the materials they chose to review!
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