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Memoria Press - Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set Review

Caty loves to read!  We recently had the opportunity to review the Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.  During our review period she has been working her way through the classic title, Heidi along with the Heidi Literature Set.

We received the Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.  The set includes the stories of Heidi, Lassie Come-Home, and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Each story includes a Student Study Guide, as well as a matching Teacher Guide.  You can purchase this set with the matching chapter books or you can purchase the three guides without the chapter books.  You can also purchase each guide individually, making this comprehension and literature set a very affordable option for families.

Each Literature Guide starts out with a table of contents that breaks down which pages go with each chapter.  The pages are marked also on the bottom of each page, which chapter the student will find the answers in.  You can also purchase lessons plans for a minimal cost for print or download to help you plan out your student's journey through the books if you need help.

At the beginning of the Student Study Guide, there are guidelines to read over with your student to help them see how to proceed through the pages.  Your student can work independently, or if your student is struggling with learning disabilities you can easily work on this with them.

Each chapter section starts with vocabulary and character development.  

There are also Quotations highlighted in which the student needs to mark who made the statement or asked the question.  Discussion Questions for you to discuss with the student and an Enrichment section to really encourage your student to think about what they just read and show them a correlation between what they are reading and real life.

The Enrichment section in each chapter's material can include geography activities, copywork, science research (one activity was to research cod liver oil), and other literature skills such as writing a letter.  This varies by each chapter and is a great addition for children to stretch out their learning...and in some cases learning important life skills.

Since it's been summer and camp/fair season, Caty has only been working on this program 3 days a week during the review period.  Since this is more than just fun reading, she has been working on a chapter a day.  Some days she is able to complete the chapter and usually two pages of material in her workbook independently.  Since she has a learning disability that affects her ability to allow her brain to unscramble her thought onto the written page, there were days where she dictated her answers to me.  This allows the program to be extremely flexible for students with special needs.  Another option is that you can use the audio book for your student, if they struggle with reading in general.  When Lydia has used other levels from the Memoria Press Literature Guide series, this is what we have done.

The Teachers Guide that I have pictured above provides the answers for parents who have students who are working independently.  The Teachers Guide also includes chapter quizzes and a final test if you opt to use them with your student.  We haven't quite made it that far yet.  Some states do require this information, and fortunately we do not live in one that requires this.  So I'm still on the fence about requiring her to take the book test, as long as she is understanding the material from each chapter and is showing me that she does.  

The Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set is not meant to make children dislike reading, but encourages them to dig deeper and realize that there is more to what they are reading than the black and white printed words on the page.

Caty is really enjoying this series and we plan to continue with the rest of the books in the Fifth Grade Literature Guide Set and order the Sixth Grade set when she finishes this series.

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