Monday, September 23, 2019

Lots of Busy...Hair Coloring....Soccer Game...YEDA Season Begins.

Our weekend was busy.  We went to the Korea Festival, the pumpkin patch, and unfortunately we also attended a funeral of the grandfather of a good friend.  We also helped to celebrate the anniversary of a loving couple.  That part of Sunday was great.  I made almost 20 pounds of mac and cheese for that party.  The kids ate on the leftovers for most of the week.

I love just staring at the flame on campfires.

In history this week, we learned about the Vikings.  The girls were not into hands-on projects this week.  I was a little disappointed, since I remember building a ship model with Joey when he studied the Vikings and he made a Broach too.  I gave and let the girls watch the Viking documentary on Amazon Prime.

We also started tackling this book with explorers.  We are using it in conjunction with our history book.  This week they learned about Henry the Navigator and Diaz.  They had to write down 3 facts about each explorer for me.

They also watched this a video called Famous Explorers one morning while eating breakfast....

We'll be going through explorers the next couple weeks before we hit Colonial America.

Brayden is starting a new workbook to review daily life skills.  It covers subjects like how to buy smart, read food labels, and even hygiene.  I am a huge fan of Complete Classroom Press.  I have used their history workbooks, and language arts materials.  They do a wonderful job with explanations and even allow the kids to work independently.

Brayden is also working on this book from Remedia Publications, Writing Sentences.  This is another series I LOVE for kids with learning disabilities!

This is the math he is working on currently.  It covers so many topics from scoring sports to measuring your house for carpeting.

This week their state in geography was California.  I made a southern California favorite, fish tacos for lunch.  This did not go over well.  Caty loves fish, but says it does not belong in a taco.

In Science they were to do presentations on models they created.  The chapter had a section on why scientists use models for their research.  Caty made a model of her bed.  It was an edible model.

Lydia used LEGOs to make a model of a sunflower.

They were working on an experiment in seeing what elements melt and do not melt ice.  It was to show how experiments can be altered by various outside sources.

Lots of soccer practice this week.  Big game this weekend!

The girls did a light bulb art project at the library after soccer.  They enjoyed this a lot.  And they both use their light bulbs in their rooms.

On Tuesday, we went with a small group of friends from our Kingdom Hall to the zoo.

Then we were off to Japanese class, riding and bowling.  It was a busy and exhausting day.  On Wednesday we had co-op classes.

And then more soccer practice.

We came home to a campfire with grandpa.

Thursday morning we took advantage of some at home time to complete some book work.

Lydia using her Soundsory headphones and reading her history lesson.

For her cooking project this week, Caty made refridgerator pickles.  She made a jar of plain and a jar of spicy for daddy.

On Friday, I had teaching online.  Schoolwork.  Lydia had sign language class with her friend.  I helped weed at the Kingdom Hall..... and drumroll....

Had my hair colored for fall.....It turned out much darker than I planned.  But I like it!  Welcome fall!!

Saturday we had an all day soccer tournament.  I had the cooler packed and ready to go.  Didn't want to forget anything, so I made a pile in the breezeway area.

First team in a few years.  They scored 4th in our division.  We lost both our games by only 1 point each.  They all did amazing!!

We had to split over the weekend.  Lydia had her first YEDA riding competition in Southern Ohio.  Joe took her down.  She place 1st both days in her riding class.  She was excited!

We survived and got everyone where they needed to be over the weekend.  I was a little upset that Joey wore his wrong shoes to the soccer tournament, so he couldn't play.  I guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on him in the future.  It was very frustrating.

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