Tuesday, September 17, 2019

City Creek Press, Inc. - Online Times Alive Review

We got the opportunity to review a wonderful math program from City Creek Press, Inc. - Online Times Alive.  Online Times Alive subscription takes the boring out of learning multiplication facts.

Flashcard, after flashcard, and then a worksheet.  Or a jumping game or even a board game.  We all have been there. Have you been trying to get your kids to memorize their multiplication facts?  It can leave both you and your child so frustrated and in some sad cases there are tears shed from everyone.

Online Times Alive was created because everyone's brains are not wired the same way.  Since many students need different ways to learn new things, we need to be open to new ideas.  It's time to throw out the old-fashioned way of doing things, and introduce your student to Online Times Alive.

Online Times Alive is a creative math program that takes those hard to remember multiplication facts and makes them fun and easy to remember.  Using a mnemonic-based program, Online Times Alive has short and cute stories that students are easily able to recall and repeat.  They do not even realize they are learning their multiplication facts at first.  Online Times Alive was created especially for those hard to remember upper times tables facts.  It was created for elementary aged students, but we have used it with our special needs older kids and they were able to use the program easily also.

Online Times Alive provides online lessons with animated songs and stories that students can repeat and before they realize it, they have learned multiplication facts..  It really makes multiplication come "Alive"!  Through this use of games, fun stories, and songs, Online Times Alive breathes a fresh life into the boring chore of learning multiplication tables.

Multiplications facts between 0s and 9s are covered with funny songs and number people.  Great for kids just learning their facts or working on reinforcement for those struggling.  The program is very user friendly.  The login is easy and your student can easily figure out where they left off since it is marked in their lesson plan list.

Tests are easily marked and instant grades given.  Parents can also get their student's progress report with just a few clicks.

Caty has been using Online Times Alive for a few weeks.  She actually is remembering the facts, and is not even realizing it.   She really has been enjoying the short, and easy to use Online Times Alive program.  She logs in and watches her story and song.  Next she answers questions meant to reinforce the song she has been singing along with.

It's really great how short the sessions are.  This has been wonderful for her short attention span.  The whole time she has been using this program, she hasn't reached her frustration level that appears when she gets frustrated with math.  In fact there were several times, where I walked away while she was working on her lessons and she finished her lesson so quickly that I didn't believe her that she had finished.  I was able to quickly check and see her score.

Caty has been making gradual improvement on her facts.  I have seen such an improvement that I have already been recommending Online Times Alive to my friends.  It's budget friendly for families, which is another plus.

A few more positive points that I like about Online Times Alive Review:

  • The stories are fun, cute and memorable
  • Multiple students can use the account, and their records are kept separate
  • Easy to read printable parent records

One downside, you do need an active internet connection.  Which means unless you have a tablet with internet connection, you might not be able to take the program on the go.  But City Creek Press, Inc. also has a Times Alive app that you can download and use without connection.  We had the opportunity to use this app also and it is pretty close to the exact same program as Online Times Alive, but in tablet app.  It's just as user friendly as the Online Times Alive program.  Caty was able to keep practicing when we were out and about.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Online Times Alive.  Click on the link below to read about Online Times Alive and also review on the Times Alive App.

Online Times Alive {City Creek Press, Inc. Reviews}

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