Monday, September 16, 2019

Softball, Bowling, and Soccer, Learning about Arkansas, and Book Club

Lydia had to work at the zoo and had a staff meeting on Sunday, so we took advantage of it.  We played some at Dave and Busters.  I was able to try and relax for a bit and watch the Titans game on the big screen in the bar area.  Of course we had to leave during the game, but we were able to watch it in the van.  I was glad that Joe insisted we get Hulu Live TV.  It was a great game with lots of action throughout.

Last week I posted a picture of what my living room generally looks like due to books laying all over.  Each kid has a backpack to keep their materials in, including their favorite pens, pencils and markers/colored pencils.  But it still lays all over.  So I splurged and bought the girls each an ottoman to keep their materials in.  This keeps the excess books off my couches and floors.  Plus it is a place to store their books when we are at co-op and they do not need all their other materials.

Caty worked at the kitchen island area on some drawing the other day.  Watch for our upcoming review on Creating a Masterpiece.

Caty's edible food science activity was Spring rolls.  She made these to order.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them.  I helped her make a spicy peanut sauce for Joe for his rolls.

I had to buy her a cook book holder.  She was killing me getting a potential mess all over the book.  I keep the recipes and cooking projects for the week on the board for easy find.

On Monday, Lydia and her friend attended their first book club meeting.  The book was Beyond the Bright Sea.  This was a good book.  It started out very slow, but definitely got better.  Lydia struggled a bit with comprehension, which is why we joined up with this book club.  She did an online club last year and it turned into more of a reading to her and I didn't like that.  She had already read the book.  I want her to understand more about character development and story elements.  They had a lot of fun, and she's excited about next month's meet up.

Monday was our last softball game.  Joe did the scoreboard.  We may have distracted him a bit talking around him.

Lydia was last one up.  We took a major loss.  I love Special Olympics though.  She finally hit the ball.  She's having trouble with her ribs popping out of alignment.  Needless to say this affects her softball energy big time.  So I'm trying to get her a chiro appt.

In state geography this week, we visited Arkansas.  Of course we watched Aerial America and also State Plate on Amazon Prime.  But I did learn that Arkansas is proud of their cheese dip.  They hold a cheese dip world championship.  So that was our state meal.  The cheese dip recipe I found had mixed reviews.  I really do spend a lot of time researching state foods.  I have to look at allergies and food sensory issues, and possible food waste.  The leftovers from this lunch were used in my burrito casserole the next  You can easily research state meals and state foods and find many suggestions.

Joe added heat to his.  Brayden wanted me to add chili to his, which technically then takes it to Texas.  Because this is a rivalry between Texas and Arkansas restaurants.

 I love this series.....

It was Caty's turn to scratch off the state for this week.

September brings on new sports.  This week was the first week of bowling.

This is Brayden's favorite sport!

Wednesday is co-op day.  We went to co-op where I teach two classes, and Lydia takes piano and Crafting.  Caty takes sewing, crafting, and a Makers class.  But this week, Wednesday also brought the start of soccer.  I was so busy, I didn't get any pictures of the kids actually playing.  I realized that I am out of shape...and need to definitely start exercising more.  I did snap a picture of Caty wearing her new library shirt.  Our local library got these shirts for anyone who read over 30 hours this summer.

When we got home, Grandpa has started a campfire in the pit.  He was roasting marshmallows and hot dogs for them.  Grandpa just started cancer treatments this week.  He has a battle ahead of him, and we are ready to help him fight.  This is the third time he has had to battle.  It was so nice to sit and watch the campfire and talk.

This guy built at least a 4-5 foot web between my parent's house and our patio.  I am not a spider fan, but enjoyed watching it.

The girls were learning about minerals in their science reading, and they needed to grow crystals.  They both started epsom salt crystals.  I found the "recipe" here.  Her experiment did not turn out, so we are re-trying next week.

Caty finished up her study guide and book for The Courage of Sarah Noble.  She enjoyed this book.  Next week she starts Shadow Spinner.

Friday mornings I teach online and Lydia has sign language class.  But in the afternoon the girls had a field trip to listen to a lecture on the Native Americans of Northwest Ohio.  The presenter from the museum does a phenomenal job.

He had a beaver pelt for the kids to examine.

And some stone tools.

Friday night we helped at a fundraiser BBQ...check out the pile of desserts!!!

Saturday was a busy day and we did two small educational field trips.  I'll post those soon.  We visited the only known existing Indian mounds in Northwest Ohio and also visited a Korean festival.  Plus we spent some time with our cousins and went to a corn maze. 

We are always busy.  There's always something going on.  The kids have sports and responsibilities, such as work.  Brayden is still working 1 day a week, but we may be increasing that some too.  I can't believe he's almost 18!!  Trying hard to prep him for the working world the best we can.  We live in a county with wonderful special needs services.  They truly want to see individuals succeed.  Many...many meetings the last couple months for Joey and many more for Brayden as he continues to age into adulthood. 

Life is never going to really slow down.  I am thankful for Google calendar to help keep our schedule.  What are some ways or apps that you keep your families more organized?

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  1. What an AWESOME week for you! So many fun things!

  2. What a great week! We're working on the Creating A Masterpiece review as well - looking forward to seeing your kids' drawings!