Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Creating a Masterpiece - Drawing Program Review

Caty has been really driving herself to draw more.  Our latest review of the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece has been a great addition to helping improve her drawing skills.

Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program has been created for all ages.   The teacher, Sharon Hofer provides through step-by-step instructions videos.  Drawing projects vary in length.  Students can break down the videos in to multiple sessions, or sit and work on the more basic projects in one session.  It really depends on your student's attention span and love for art.  This can be adjusted easily to work with your student.

With most art programs there is a large investment for supplies, but with Creating a Masterpiece.  Our initial supply cost was very low with the drawing program.  I did splurge on new drawing pads for girls (they were still 50% off) and a new set of drawing pencils for Caty.  Supply cost for using the Drawing Program would roughly be around $15-$20.  Sharon does a great job of making sure that you are not buying supplies for just one project.  The supplies are used for several projects, there is a few exceptions to this on specialized projects with wood burning and glass mosaics.  The Drawing Program has really the least amount of supply fees.

Sharon created this program to make students feel as though they are in a studio with her.  This might seem a little odd, but it felt like we were sitting in a studio.  Caty really enjoyed being able to work on art wherever she wanted.   She tackled the giraffe drawing project just relaxing in the kitchen while we were making a snack.

You can watch the video as many times as you need.  So if you miss a step, or want to do a step or even a few steps over you can.

Caty was pretty proud of her giraffe.

Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program is portable.  You can watch it on any device with a web browser.  One day we were out for appointments.  We decided to hang out at the coffee shop for a bit and working on a drawing project.

That portability was great.  One of my favorite things about the owl project was that Sharon kept emphasizing to draw by lines and shapes.  This was great reminders.  If we struggled, we simply erased and re-watched a section of video.  I thought we did a pretty good job on our fall owl drawings.  

Caty loves drawing and the Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program has really gotten her to add more details to her everyday drawing.  Sharon has taught her so much in these past few weeks using the program.  I love seeing her creativity and talent grow as she has been encouraged by the Drawing Program.  I love the flexibility for both our learning style and talent.  Anyone can draw.  And using Creating a Masterpiece - Drawing Program has proven this to me.  I'm so glad to be introduced to this Drawing Program.  It has really stood out for me, and I can't wait to see more projects from Caty using this program.

You can visit the Creating a Masterpiece website to see videos on how the program works and you can even sign up to try a free lesson!

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the Drawing Program Levels Beginner to Level 2 from Creating a Masterpiece.  Click on the link below to see how they used this program in their homes with their families.

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