Thursday, October 24, 2019

Smartick Review

Every homeschooler will admit that there are just days that do not go as planned, and yet you want to make sure that you are not getting behind.  We recently had the opportunity to review the Smartick online reasoning program from Smartick .  This program helped to challenge without making Caty feel overwhelmed.

Smartick has created a program that allows kids to play in a safe environment and improve on their critical thinking skills.  Through the use of Smartick, students can enhance their problem solving skills and work on their reasoning skills.  They do not even realize through the creativity in the program that they are already working on algebra mathematical problems.  In just a short 15 minutes a day, kids can practice their way to giant leaps in their calculation skills.  

Created for Ages 4 - 14, Smartick adapts to your students skill level.  And it's not just for homeschoolers.  Smartick was created for all kids, no matter what educational style.  It is not a program that teaches how to solve the problems, but meant to be used as a reinforcement for the programs that students are already using.

There is very little parent involvement involved, but I could log in and see if Caty was skipping out on her time.

I really like the more simple style of the games.  Many times in kids with ADD or visual delays, the more lights and whistles that a game has the more distracting it is.   Smartick also provides a way out for kids if they honestly do not know how to solve the problem.  By clicking on that section of the screen, the program knows that is a weak area for them and will adapt around that.

Smartick technology is meant to adapt to each individual student.  As your child plays, the games adapt to their skill level, so one account is for one student.  If you have multiple students, you will need separate accounts for them.  

Caty has really enjoyed the sessions that she has sat down and worked with.  We have the ability to use the program on my iPad, so I try to take advantage of our drive time and have her play then.  The short amount of time each lesson takes is perfect for those with a short attention span, or if you are even short on time.   Smartick makes a great evening activity even for kids with regular school hours.  In no time at all they are developing better habits and strengthening their math skills through the fun games.  

We are going to keep using Smartick as Caty has been making gradual improvements in areas of remembering facts/figures, and even improving on some of her problem solving skills that she was struggling with.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Smartick.  Click on the box below to see how they used this with their families.

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