Monday, October 28, 2019

Fall Nature Walk, Pickle Factory Tour, Rock & Mineral Show

Life in October is always crazy busy!  This year is not an exception.  After going all weekend in Columbus, we met our science group at a local dam for a hike and to look for cool rocks.

We were able to watch some very majestic birds.  We saw some white egrets and a couple heron.

Found a historic marker I didn't know about from the War of 1812.

This park was part of the old lock system for travel in our area.

We saw some trees that had been hit by lightning.  They were very cool to see.

It got too windy and cold to finish science outside, so we transferred to the local mall food court for them to weigh their rocks and minerals.

Then off to basketball practice.  The kids each have two practices a week.

Usually while they practice, I try to exercise.  It works some weeks, others not so much.  I worked out in the gym twice this week.  But helped at the boys practices, so got a workout, just not on the

When they got home they pressed their leaves to dry them.

Last week we studied Delaware, this week we are learning about Maryland.  They are next to each other, and the Aerial America episode was together.  So I just decided to spend a couple weeks on this group.  For our dinner, I made Maryland fried chicken with peas and mashed potatoes.

These are the books we read.

Bowling is weekly, and the kids all enjoy it.

Caty has finally started enjoying chess.  She says she is ready to play daddy now.

On Wednesday after co-op classes, we headed to a local museum for presentations about our local area.  One was on a local War of 1812 fort which is no longer in existence.

It was a double  This was very interesting about this meteor shower.  I wish I could have seen this amazing display!

Wednesday evening we had a friend hanging out with us all day, and after the boys basketball practice, Brayden had Bingo.  So we headed to play Bingo with Brayden.  Brayden and Amelia got some fun prizes.

Brayden won me this cup.

With the cooler weather, and Caty studying England for Geography Fair, the girls pulled out some new tea fro breakfast.

Lydia was excited when she found this painted rock.  We knew where to re-hide it.

A friend heard about a pickle factory close to use that offers tours.  So we signed up.  This was pretty interesting and fun.

They have been in operation for more than 100 years!  They had a display of the equipment they used to use.

Even presidents enjoyed their products.

They made cold packed and cooked pickles.  They still hand pack at this factory.  Its as close to home as you can get without being at home.

Tubs and tubs of pickles!!

Those tubs are over 100 years old and still in use.  It's the cedar wood.

The copper pots they use to cook the pickles in give them their color.

Hand adding spices to the jars as they are being packed.

Samples to try

Of course we brought home a ton of pickles.

Hiding the painted rock.

Fun souvenirs

Thursday was busy.  We had the pickle factory tour.  Brayden signed paperwork for his new job with Supported Employment Services.  So we rushed back from the tour to pick him up from his current job and take him to sign the paperwork.  Then rushed home and picked up Joey for the Voices of HOPE self-advocacy group meeting.  Joey had the opportunity to open the meeting up that night.  Fortunately the girls bball practice was cancelled, which eliminated some stress from our schedule that day.

Friday we worked on schoolwork in the am.  I taught my online classes, and then we headed back to Indiana for a Rock and Mineral show.  They had special homeschool/school tours, and we were fortunate enough to get a spot.  One the way out, Caty took a writing class through Outschool.  We are a bit spoiled with using our Hotspots for schoolwork.

Petrified wood

They had a scavenger hunt for each of the kids to complete.  It was fun going from station to station.

Showing conductivity of some minerals.

Fluorescent tent

Lifting a heavy rock....I mean pumice

We rushed home for a relaxing fire pit with the grandparents.  Hot dogs and marshmallows are the theme of this fall.

Saturday we had some fun.  A friend and I planned a Lion King themed dinner for all the kids and we watched the new Lion King movie together.  This was a blast planning.  Caty created her own watering hole cake.

All the pictures will be in another post for that fun evening.

Hope everyone had a great week.  Linking up with other moms at Homeschool Coffee Break!

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  1. You always have such fun adventures! I've lived in Maryland for over twenty years and didn't know there was a special Maryland style fried chicken. Whaaaaat???? I'm saving the recipe you used though, and will try it soon. I can't believe we didn't know it was a thing. What we think of as a signature Maryland food is crab cakes (but I refuse to eat crab so . . . )