Tuesday, November 26, 2019

First Snow of the Season, Hawaii, Horse Show, Eye Appointments Begin

We had our first snow of the fall/cold season.  We normally do not get snow that early, but we (like most of the country) got some crazy weather.  It was so cold!!!  And then the snow started.  Unfortuantely I had to pick up my winter driving skills quickly.  The girls had bball practice and Brayden had to work.  We ended up getting over 4 inches at our house.  I cleared off the driveway that night so I had a bit of it done before morning.  I had to have the driveway cleared off for Joey's transportation.  Joe will not be able to help much with the snow this year, so hopefully we do not get a lot!!

This was a week full of appointments and work schedules.  But we are getting school work done whether at home or on the road.  Caty is really enjoying Thinkwell Homeschool for math.  She caught me by surprise.  She says she really likes the video based approach so that she can watch the problem get completed.  I like that she can do the work on both her tablet and a laptop.  Whatever device that we have at that moment.

The girls visited Hawaii this week in geography.  They had Spam and coconut rice one day, and we studied the history of SPAM.  That was fun.  Lydia has discovered a love of Macadamia nuts.

I made a Hawaiian coconut muffin recipe that they loved.

Lydia really didn't like the Book Club book for this month, so I pulled a classic off our shelf to work on.  I have had this for a while.  I forgot how much I liked this book.

Lydia went out and cleared off the van and truck for me on Tuesday after the snow storm passed.  She may come in more handy than I thought.  Give it another year though and she will not want to help anymore.

Driving on Monday night got to be extremely yucky!!

This was just after a couple of hours.  Picking up Brayden from work.

Measuring the snow on the truck.

Got a little gym time during the girls basketball practices that week.

I brought in all my ferns from the back deck.  Had to make new homes for them.  Now they take up my entire kitchen window.

I decided I need this shirt after getting all the kids sports and work schedules in the calendar.

Working on her work at Lyceum.

I treated myself to an Annies Crochet kit.  I am teaching myself to read crochet patterns.  I'll post the finish clothes soon.

More road schooling

This week I got into Hair bands - reliving middle school...lol

Joey laying with Saige while playing video games.

The girls had their annual eye checks.

Our optometrist is awesome!!  He does full tests, including the health of the eye.  They are showing Lydia pictures of her cornea here.

The girls and I just finished up listening to this book.  We recognized several names that were also in a history channel show were were watching about the Colonies.

More history reading for the week.

Van schooling yet again.  She was working on her Total Language Plus Caddie Woodlawn book here.

BBall practice

A local special needs organization held a family Bingo night.  The kids had a lot of fun.

And won some great prizes.

I spent a lot of time updating our calendar with all the new practice times.

We went on a hike with the local parks group.  Since we had snow that week, it was cold.  But they had fun.

They found lots of animal tracks.

Then they had smores by the campfire.

Lydia rode in her second horse show over the weekend.  It was a big adjustment for me.  First show I had attended.  It was a lot of fun!

There was a food collection for the local food pantry.  Roughly 1200 pieces were collected.

Lydia placed 1st both days.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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