Monday, November 11, 2019

What a week!! Welcome Saige!!!

So we are normally a very busy family.  With 4 teenagers playing sports and having jobs, life keeps us very busy.  Last week I had a mammogram done and after the ultrasound, it was determined I needed a biopsy.  So needless to say I was a bit nervous all week.  But I also had some very weird medical issues start.  I had some extreme swelling from my hips down, in both legs.  So I was balancing the kids activities, my medical appts and not feeling well.  You know, the typical mom life.  I tried my best to keep my legs propped up wherever I could find time.  That is a bit difficult.  But by 8-9 pm at night when I finally get to sit down it was crazy.

Of course, then I woke up to this....

We had all the typical stuff going like basketball practices and bowling.

We fit schoolwork in around life.  This weeks State geography was Florida.  A state we have spent a lot of time in.  For our meal we had Key Lime Pie.

I made them Hearts of Palm also with bacon.  I found the recipe called Swamp Stew.  This was not a big hit.

Our books for the week.  We also watched State Plate - Florida, and Aerial America Florida on Amazon.

Lydia's hard tack after a week.  It turned rock hard.  We tried to "rehydrate" it in some milk.  I it never really softened up.

In history they started Book 2 in A History of U.S. by Joy Hakim - Making Thirteen Colonies.   So we finished talking about the Roanoke Colony, and started Jamestown.  They watched a few documentaries.  One I have had for years, and can't find a link for.  It's a Jamestown special from the History Channel.

Lost Colony


Jamestown:  The Beginning

Pocahontas - Beyond the Myth

This crazy rooster is driving us crazy.  So we are trying to find a way to cut his crowing down.  Lydia tried putting a velcro collar on him.  *** far not working.  I think she needs to research this one more, because many people swear by it.****

At co-op this week, there was a guest scientist doing experiments at lunch.  It was cool to watch, and even better to not have to clean up from a science

Caty worked on a quilt square in class.

Enjoying some of the last beautiful, bright fall colors.

Road usual.  Lydia was working on her math.

We had two history presentations we went to this week.  One was the importance of Northwest Ohio with the Underground Railroad.

And the other was the War of 1812 in Northwest Ohio

On Thursday, after my biopsy we visited a local dog shelter.  They were having an adoption special, and there were two English Bulldogs I wanted to go and see.  An English Bulldog is my dream dog.  And I was so excited.  Just as we got there, they were leaving.  We explained what we were looking for and the shelter matched us with a perfect for our family dog.  Meet Saige.  We welcomed her and she has so much love to give us too.

Friday am, Saige had already taken her spot and loves everyone.  She was helping Lydia with her Geography Fair poster board.

Now I need to walk more outside.  It's almost winter though, so I'm not sure how that's going to

We ended up with a lot rain this week!!!

It was a rough week, and some dear friends brought me a surprise.

I felt a little better on the weekend.  We had to tackle lots of outside work, including closing the pool up.  Saige though wanted in on the fun.

We ran to Costco and one of the hundreds of items bought was some bread bowls.  Caty has been begging to try this.  So I grabbed a pack.  I taught her how to make homemade potato and bacon soup.  The soup was a hit.  The bread bowls were a 50/50 like.

Another project this weekend was hanging up the antique ladder shelves I saw on Facebook.  I found the ladders at a local Pickers event.  We finally had the time to conquer this.  Joe did great.  We have a shelf on each side of the room now.

It was a busy week.  We got a lot done, but still have a list to go.  Why we were always in a rush to be adults?!?!  Boy could 44 year old me tell 17 year old me to slow down!!

Hope everyone had a good week and stays in good health!  Linking up with other moms at Homeschool Coffee Break!

Homeschool Coffee Break

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