Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Family Fun, Basketball, Rock Study, and Trouble with the Van

Our week started out in usual Kuehner style....busy!  The boys had a basketball tournament out of town.  So I took them over for that.

Then it was on to the wedding reception for a very dear family we know.

Sunday Lydia had to work at the zoo.  And I spent the day cleaning and decluttering areas of the house, including her room.  I got their lessons updated also.

I made these math posters for Caty and Lydia finally.  Their others were not cutting it anymore.

In Science Club we worked on the different types of rocks.  The kids made edible models of each.



Igneous (chocolate cooling)

They tested for limestone using hydrochloric acid.

 I also had 240 envelopes to get labels on for a fundraiser for the stable where Lydia rides.  Got them finished and ready for sending out.

Saw a rainbow in the sky, helped when I was feeling overwhelmed!

Lydia got the opportunity to dress up as a polar bear for a zoo function.  She was excited to do this.  But she said it was hot!

Joey had a game out of town, so we rode the team bus and the team won!!

Unfortunately on the way home, I hit a dead deer.  Yes, a dead deer.  I saw cars pulled off ahead with flashers on.  I started to slow down and then suddenly I saw blood everywhere and as I was slowing down more there was a huge deer in the road.  My van was like this underneath bumper to bumper.  It was nasty underneath also.

The van was still drivable.  So as usual, the next morning we had appointments.  We went and picked up the girls new glasses.

Then it was off to our regular scheduled events, riding, Japanese, bowling and the boy's basketball practice.

I have been surviving with Amazon Primed Greatest Classic Rock songs at this point in the week.

Our co-op is almost over for the semester.  Lydia finished her clay pot in Waldorf class.

Another project that Caty finished.

That night our niece, nephew and sister in law came to spend a few days with us!  I had a ton of activities planned, including baking cookies.  My nephew loves to bake and cook with me, and I love to do it with him.

I got up early the next day and made us a HUGE meal.

All while watching Hulu on my tablet....lol

We watched movies and ate too much food.  Thursday was our "rest" day...or so it was for most.  The next two days were planned full of busyiness.  We headed to Kings Island amusement park about 3 hours from our house.  They have a winter fest with roller coasters you can ride.

I listened to this book on the way down.  Bells started going off in my head with all my health issues the last month.  So lots of research for me to do.  I just need to give up corn for a few weeks.  I just struggle with that grain.

The whole crew with their refillable hot cocoa mugs.

They rode Mystic Timbers a couple of times.

I stayed warm with these in my pockets!

They couldn't skate at Kings Island because of the lines.  So the next day we took them all ice skating.  Carra and Robby had never been skating.  They all did awesome.  Caty now wants to take skating lessons.  So working that in our schedule.

Then we went to see the Toledo Zoo lights with them.

We had a busy but fun time with our family!!

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