Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Hectic Life, Snow, Appointments, Homecoming, Forts, and Nerf Wars

We had quite a week!!!  It was absolutely nuts!!  After State Games, Caty added ice skating to her new interests.  So we have that on Monday evenings, along with Lydia's volunteer shift at the stable. 

We are chugging along and fitting schoolwork into our busy calendar of dr. appointments.  Caty has been to the endo several times.  This time she had to go in for thyroid blood work and also to confirm what the cardiologist said about her being diagnosed with PCOS.  So it's official, and we are working on treatment options for her.

Lydia has been helping students build their Pipers in Build Your Own Computer class.  But she has been super excited to be able to work on her own CrowPi that we just received.

She saved her money and bought this Vector robot off of Amazon.

Caty had some cooking projects this week.  Her science experiment was to determine if it's a good idea to leave prepared cake mix sitting on the counter after it's mixed up.

The cake mix that sat for an hour did not rise as well.  The longer you let the agent sit there, the gases escape and are not available for helping the cake rise.  She also learned how to cut a grapefruit for a breakfast.

Lydia had an appointment about her thyroid also.  Lots of SNOW and blowing!  There were squalls, but we really didn't get as much snow as they predicted.

Believe it or not, the hospital is there.  You just can't see it.

Lydia is still working her way through her Astronomy book.  This week she learned about the moon and the phases of the moon.

I did not get to do a geography meal this week.  We had ham and biscuits w/ gravy for lunch one day.  Since we have family from mountain areas of Virginia, this old-fashioned milk gravy is something that my mammaw served a lot.  Made sense to me.  But no pictures...sorry.

This week was our county's Special Olympics Homecoming.  During this event, the athletes can show off their skills.  This is held for basketball season.

There's food and of course a dance.

Always lots of fun!

The next day did not bring rest..... I spent the morning with my friend and her littles introducing them to the Young Athletes program that Special Olympics offers in our county.  This is an inclusive program for kids ages 3-8.

Then we headed off to an event I had read about at a near to us fort.... Fort Wayne.  They were holding a Colonial reenactment.  It was cold...but interesting.  Small event, but we did learn quite a bit about living in an encampment in the Winter.

Then we were off to have a Nerf war with our niece and nephew.

Caty had a few problems with the noise and lights, but lasted almost the whole 30 minutes.

A lot of fun was had by all the kids and adults!

Brayden is working his way through Life of Fred: Financial Choices.

He is working on mostly life skill materials now.  Joe has set up some videos for him on Lynda to be watching also on Pen testing.  He thinks Brayden may be able to do this type of work.  So he is testing him out.

Caty is struggling with fractions and multiplication/division.  She takes one step forward and many steps back at times.  This is one of those times.  She just cannot seem to conquer the fractions right now.  So we will keep working on these.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  See you next week!

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