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Home School In The Woods - Time Travelers - The Early 19th Century Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of Home School in the Woods. I was very excited to get a chance to review The Early 19th Century in America lessons from the Home School in the Woods Time Traveler series. She and I are both loving the adventures we are having.

The Early 19th Century in America is a lapbook in the Time Traveler series.  Caty is not a huge fan of lapbooks.  Since each lesson has reading of 2-3 pages, she and I decided to continue our tradition of printing the materials and keeping everything together in a binder that we can show our assessor.

The Early 19th Century in America Time Traveler series is a stand alone curriculum.  It also very easy to use.  We have the easy to download PDF files. I can easily sort, open, and print the materials I need as we go.

Each day, Caty completes a lesson.  This involves reading and many days watching a suggested video.  I did not need to do much more than find the Youtube videos that were suggested in the opening notes.  Then she and I review the material just covered while working on her lapbook piece.  In our case, we attach it to a sheet of paper that goes into her binder with her lesson reading.

The projects are very easy, and easy to follow instructions are available for each piece that the student is assembling.  You can print these on colored paper or your student can add color also.  Caty has chosen to leave them "regular" she said.  And I didn't fight her since we had already been under Stay-at-home orders and I didn't have any colored paper at home.

Included in many lessons are hands-on activities.  Caty is enjoying cooking hands-on, but she feels she is a bit older for some of the crafts.  I thought the coon-skin cap was a neat project idea. The instructions are very easy to follow.  Just a little extra planning is needed for most of these projects, since you need to have the materials on-hand.

Also included in The Early 19th Century in America Time Traveler series is a timeline.  What we chose to do is break the timeline down over a couple smaller poster boards and hung them up in order on the book case in the living room.

This is an upclose shot of the beginning.  The Early 19th Century in America Time Traveler series starts with the end of the Revolutionary War.

Another fun activity that is included is creating your own newspaper.  This has been every few lessons.  The Early 19th Century in America Time Traveler series is broken down into daily lessons.  Every fifth lesson is a catch up time.  So if you are doing history 5 days a week, then you will be spending the fifth day making sure that you have all the parts for your book created, your newspaper is done, any activities and also you can study the vocabulary cards that are included for each week.

I really have loved the layout of The Early 19th Century in America.  This stand alone curriculum has made lesson planning easy for me.  Caty enjoys the easy to use way we are using it.  And she likes that the amount of reading is not overwhelming for her.  Each lessons reading is between 2-3 pages.  History for her is under 30 minutes.  Depending on if she is creating paragraphs or summarizing what she reads, she is done pretty quick.  Some of her video suggestions are around 20 minutes, so those days it's a little longer.  

I am already planning on Caty continuing with the Time Traveler series.  Home School in the Woods really does have a homeschool family's busy schedule in mind.  They also understand multi-grade teaching.  Since this can be used with several different grade levels. The Time Traveler series was created for Grades 3-8. 

Home School in the Woods have curriculum for all time periods and learning levels.  Their latest release Hands-On History Lap-Pak U.S. Elections is available now and will help you out helping your student understand our upcoming elections process.

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