Thursday, March 26, 2020

Math Galaxy App Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I love math, but teaching it is not my favorite thing to do. I was excited to get a chance to review Math Galaxy 3rd Grade iOS app for Caty from Math Galaxy.  This has been a great way to help get her caught up in areas she has been struggling with.

Math Galaxy has a wide range of grade levels and topics available for purchase through the iOS App Store.  Games and math skills are available for grades preschool through middle school skill level.  Also available are ebook downloads to practice these same skills.  We chose the Third Grade math level since Caty has been struggling with Multiplication and division topics.  

The Math Galaxy apps have been broken down into a wide range of skill topics for each grade level.  There are videos available to watch.  But steps are also created to work through for each student to be able to increase their knowledge and ability to solve problems.

One day Caty decided to take what she saw on the screen and work it out on the white board table in our schoolroom at co-op,  By working through these steps, she has started getting a better grasp on why we use multiplication instead of just a HUGE amount of addition.

She has graduated from just multiplication onto division now.

I really like that feedback is given as students work through way through the problem.  Each step to follow along the way is shown in the lower left corner.

Math Galaxy is not just a bunch of cartoon characters hoping all over the screen.  In some kids these work, but in easily distractible kids like my own, apps like this work against them by causing their attention to be off topic.  As she works along, we plan on continuing using Math Galaxy along with the materials that she is covering in her math program.  Then we can practice more of what she is learning.  Using apps such as Math Galaxy alongside your current curriculum are very beneficial.  For Caty she is able to practice and not need a bunch of scrap paper which also can turn into a distraction for doodling, instead of figuring her problems.  Math Galaxy allowed her to keep the steps in order in her brain.

And even better, she can use it anywhere in the house or even in the van when we are traveling around between co-ops.

We were also given the ability to use many of the different ebooks that Math Galaxy has to use alongside their apps.  These provide extra printable practice for students on topics they are learning about.

These files are easily downloadable PDFs, which you can choose to print in either color or black & white.  The reason the Math Galaxy workbooks are more fun....they center around riddles.

We have used a few of the pages from the eBooks.  I like the simplicity.  These also helped me to identify areas to help Caty with further. If you come from a large family, you know having eBooks to print are so much easier than the necessity of purchasing stacks of workbooks.  Again, you can use these practice sheets right alongside the curriculum that you are currently using with your child.

We will definitely continue using both the Math Galaxy apps and eBooks right alongside the curriculum we are currently using.  I have seen improvement in Caty's math skills the last couple weeks of our review period. It is as if things are finally clicking for her.

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