Monday, April 6, 2020

Menu Monday

All things are still cancelled.  We are still practicing our social distancing as much as we possibly can.  I did run out and buy masks from a friend who is sewing them.  I want to have them for the girls and Joe in case we need to go out.  

I'm working hard at zero food waste. I keep a pencil by the menu that is hanging up.  I keep making changes and adjustments depending on leftovers.  Last week's menu had lots of adjustments.  I am also being inventive with all the food that we have in our pantry and also what food my sister-in-law brought to the house.  They are staying with us until the social distancing order is over.  And currently we will be doing this through May 1st, and they are saying longer.  The states around us have closed their school buildings until the end of the school year. 

Good news..... we did get an electric smoker!!  So I'm working on practicing with that.  Last week we did have a menu change, I got a turkey and we smoked a turkey.  It was really good Joe said, and they spent a couple days having sandwiches off of that.

Here's what is on the menu this week....

B- Biscuits and Gravy
L- Leftovers or sandwiches
D- Smoked beef roast, scalloped corn, green bean casserole, and rice

B - cereal or apple cake (the apple cake is a treat for Brayden)
L - Leftovers
D- Smoked pork loin w/ rosemary biscuits

B - Quesadillas and yogurt
L - Fried noodles w/ chicken
D- KFC Mashed potato bowls

B - Cereal w/ fruit
L - Cincinnati chili
D - Turkey gravy w/ hash browns and garlic toast

B - Oatmeal cookies
L - Sandwiches/soup cups
D- pork shoulder, creamy potatoes, and green beans

B- Cereal w/ fruit
L- Macaroni and cheese w/ chili
D- Creamy garlic chicken w/ rice

B- sprinkle pancakes
L- Leftovers used up
D- Tamales

Why I plan.....
Who isn't busy?!?!  Kids schedules, schoolwork, work, WOW!!  Life just does not stop!

When I create a menu, I include our schedule on it also.  In fact, I type the schedule into the table that I created first.  Then I know what is going on that day, and I can plan crockpot meals or even know if I need to have a make-ahead meal ready.  I do not use a fancy downloadable calendar, I simply use Microsoft Word.  I have a table I created on there.  At the bottom, I keep a running list of menu items that either I want them to try or food that is loved by all.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  See everyone next Monday!

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