Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Week I Fooled Them All.....

Like almost everyone in the country, our lives have come to a standstill.  The only things that has remained the same is Lydia's therapy at the stable.  Her coach has her times spaced out to keep contact minimal between people.  This is the only time that Lydia currently leaves the house.

But she is continuing her sign language.  She started online sessions with someone, but it didn't work out well.  So we now have a new online teacher.  We will see how this goes for the next few months.

Caty has been working on her 4H Yeast Breads projects.  I missed pictures of her soft pretzels.  But this was the start of a loaf of bread.  It didn't work out so well for her. I didn't watch her, so not sure what happened.  She's going to try again soon.  I'll watch what she does more closely.

I've been stress cooking..... this is one of my family's favorite meals... creamy chicken & noodles.  I've been stress cooking a lot.  I also have been making my own loaves of bread for them to eat sandwiches with.

Playing games with my niece and nephew this week.

We got a new toy delivered..... I'm super excited to make smoked meals for Joe.  He loves smoked foods!

Another one from a game night.

I went out one morning to run to get essentials.  Came out to this....ugh...

Out shopping for essentials....masked and ready to go.

Anyone who follows us knows that April Fools Day is big in this house....

Sponge cakes ...

"Ice cream sundaes" for lunch

Carra made poop cookies....she got her brother good!

"cheese pizza" for dinner

Someone left the water running...

I helped coordinate a safari hunt for teddy bears in our town.  Carra painted a bear on the front door !!

I am the mean homeschool mom.  My kids are still plugging away at work daily.  Unfortunately my niece and nephew's school is not keeping them in schoolwork.  It's really driving me crazy.  They are trying to use calamity days and not providing them learning opportunities.  I'm working on printing some items for them and keep them busy.  It truly makes me sad.

The girls studied about New Hampshire this week.  We didn't do a geography meal this week, mainly because I didn't plan one.  We did watch Aerial America and also State Plate.  

Caty's Japanese class will continue on Skype until our Stay-at-home order is lifted.  Currently it's through May 1st, but will most likely we pushed out further.  Joe and I watch the daily briefings from our governor, it's been hinted to another extension.

Caty has switched math programs yet again.  She is trying out Saxon Math.  After using AIM from Math-U-See, and also practicing her multiplication facts, we are trying the textbook approach and see if she likes this instead.  Lydia is still chugging along in her math.  I'm trying to figure out which direction to take her next.  She really does like Teaching Textbooks.

Brayden is finishing up life skills math and working on some Remedia Publications items on math.  I'm still working on constant reminders about cleaning processes and making list of chores and finishing them.

We got through out lessons and survived!!  Hope to see everyone next week!!!

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