Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pushing through extra books....

I now it seems weird, but I am really pushing to get through some book work right now.  The nicer days outside, I'm more lenient so that they can ride bikes and play outside some.  But on the colder, wet days I'm really pushing to get through some of their studies.  I want to take advantage of this time off from our busy lives.

Brayden is almost done with school.  I can't believe we have another senior!!  I'm concentrating on life skills with him.  Here's a couple books he is finishing up.

I am cooking a ton right now.  We treated ourselves to a smoker.  It's just a baby electric smoker.  It wasn't that much.  Joe loves smoked meats though, so I thought this would be great for us.  So far it's worked out great.  Only one meat that I have cooked really wasn't loved by everyone.  I'm still learning though.  I made smoked jalopenos the other day and they were a hit.

Have you ever bleached with toilet bowl cleaner???  The kids have been doing this lately.  Unfortunately Lydia's shirts haven't bleached well, but it really depends on the brand and style.  She wears a much smaller size than everyone else, and it's making a difference in their shirt brands.

She gave up and just wrote on this shirt and decorated it.

Caty is taking a Yeast Breads project....she is struggling with her regular bread.  This loaf was promising until she forgot it was in the oven and it was burnt to a crisp.

Robby built a simple machine with K'nex.

Caty has been studying 1800s history with Homeschool in The Woods.  She made lunch one day this week as part of her schoolwork.  Everyone who got a bowl enjoyed it.  They were not fans of the cornbread though.

Lydia has been reading this awesome history book.  She is liking learning history from a different viewpoint.  Both girls are studying pioneer times, and so we are watching Pioneer Quest from Amazon Prime.  I'm also introducing them to Oregon Trail.

I'm working on outside work on the nicer days.  I discovered some mini daffodils coming up.  So excited.  They are just so cute!

It was a very nice day last week and we had burgers over the fire pit.  First fire of the year!

The day we had the fire pit, I didn't have hamburger buns.  So I made homemade buns.  They turned out well.

Took several walks.  I walked to the post office several days last week with Saige.  She comes running when she sees me put my shoes on.  She just wants to go..go..go...

We have been using a lot for extras for the girls.  Caty took two classes on medicinal herbs last week.  She did not have literature class because it was Spring Break.  So I had her read ahead in her book a bit.  Caty is taking an Intensive course from Memoria on Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  

Lydia is taking the RL Stine writing class from Masterbooks.  I'm trying to get her to really look at her writing.  It's not easy.  She wants to write so bad, but she forgets so many little technical details in her writing.  But those little details are things like paragraphs, periods, and commas.  His class is helping her stop and look at her stories.  This week she will be working on character development.

Joey's self-advocacy group has a daily meeting on Zoom.  It's nice to see everyone, since so many of our activities are now cancelled into July!!

Last weekend was our anniversary.  My parents gave us a very generous gift.  And we used it to help buy a new all-fridge refrigerator.  It's nice to have such a large refrigerator space.  I am in love!!

On Tuesday, we celebrated the Memorial of Jesus Death on Nissan 14.  That evening we held a passover of the symbols he used with his 11 apostles in the upper room.  Earlier in the day we made unleavened bread to use.  The wine is a plain Kosher wine.  This is the first year that Memorial was held with our congregation over a tele-conference system.  Memorial was held like this around the world. Next weekend will be our first ever conferenced convention.  

After Memorial was over, I had made brownies for a treat.  

This is now going to be our new norm.  Our state doctor said today that masks are now what our lives will be for at least the next year.  I guess we will need more.

I am finding myself feeling very weird about this quarantine.  I'm staying busy, even though all of our events are cancelled.  I'm always moving and stressed out still because of our family situation.  It hasn't helped that we found our that the kids psychiatrist lost his license.  After 12 years I am struggling because all the kids need to see a specialist for their meds.  And the waitlist is already horrible for specialists BEFORE the quarantine.  I cannot imagine what it will be like now.  Our family dr helped the best she could, but she can only do so much.  I think being so busy, I'm sort of forgetting what is going on outside.  I still am going to the pharmacy, and also once every two weeks to the grocery store.  There is only 1 confirmed case in our county, so the sense of urgency has been dulled a bit around here.  I keep reminding myself daily why we are doing this, especially now since I found myself forgetting why we have to remain quarantined.  

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!  See everyone next week!!

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