Monday, November 16, 2020

Menu Monday

This week the girls are taking some classes on Outschool.  I'm trying to get a bunch of little tasks done today that I will not need to worry about during the week.  There's a big one I will not get accomplished though.  At least I have the menu plan ready, grocery orders have been picked up, and everything is put away.  Mark that off my list.

B- French toast w/ cooked apples and bacon
L - Hamburger bake
D - Orange chicken w/ hasselback potatoes
Snack - apple slices or cupcakes from Sam's

B - Cereal or Poptarts
L-  Leftovers
D - Meatloaf and rice w/ cooked carrots
Snack - hummus and crackers

B- Apple pancakes
L - Potato soup
D - Mexican lasagna
Snack - Apple slices / celery  / carrots

B- Hm doughnuts
L- Chicken and dumplings
D -Cheese burger bake
Snack - Popcorn

B - Oatmeal/Cream of Wheat/Grits
L - Macaroni and cheese (Boxed) and hot dogs
D - honey garlic pork roast w/ carrots 
Snack - Apples and frozen grapes

B - Fried potatoes, Biscuits and gravy
L -  Leftovers
D - baked potato skins
Snack - Peanut butter crackers

B - Maple pancake muffins
L - Baked turkey sandwiches or leftovers
D - Hushpuppy shrimp and sweet potato fries
Snack - Apple/Pumpkin cookies

***This is important.....some days I change things around.****  I print a menu and keep it on the cabinet.  If something happens, I change the menu in pencil.  I make sure to keep track at the bottom of the menu of the meals that get moved, and we still have the ingredients for.  

This biggest thing to remember.... BE FLEXIBLE!!  I cannot express this enough.  Do not down yourself if you need to move your menu around.  You might be exhausted, need to work over, or a sports practice gets moved....all these things have happened to me in the last few weeks.  Flexibility is the key.  I also have given up some control in the kitchen and make sure that the kids are involved as much as possible in making meals.  Some day they will be able to cook the entire meal themselves!!  Whoohooo!!

I know I didn't share any recipes, but if you are interested, please email me.  I'd be happy to share a close variation of what we make.  I seriously do not really follow recipes

Hope that these ideas help and everyone has a great week!!!