Sunday, November 15, 2020

When Life Gets Overwhelming....Fall Update

Like most, life has been overwhelming.  I have been sick with histamine issues.  This makes life overwhelming because my anxiety gets worse, and everything causes me stress.  Trying to balance work and activities has been too much.  The girls have been doing bare minimum for school.  I had them try to attempt to organize their rooms a bit.  They also needed to do reading from the Where is book series, and work on math.  Very basic activities.  I'm also encouraging crafty activities.

We are going through sections of Geography, but have gotten a bit behind in Chemistry.

Caty made this cake.....and a watermelon cake also.

We adopted two kittens.  Their names are Charly and Luna.  They have doubled in size since they came over a month ago.

Lydia had a riding show.  She earned a first and a second.

Caty is really enjoying her weekly cosplay class.  She is trying her own makeup for different characters outside of class time.

A piece of art she painted.

We are trying to limit only going to a few stores for items.  Doing pick up as much as possible.  Went out to the club and the Lydia did target shooting with Joe.

Caty wanted to try, but did not enjoy it.  She didn't like the 9mm.  She said she would try others.

The girls chose to color their hair....Lydia darker red/burgandy

Caty wanted turned almost blue.  

Yep....this is our life.  A constant sink of dishes to be washed daily, clothes to be folded.  I'm exhausted daily.  I would love to hear any hints of how other parents who work from home full-time balance homeschool and work.  I know it can be done.  We are chugging through.  It's not going to be easy.  But that is life.

I'll be doing updates more often, but most likely not weekly.  I've been balancing work and helping new homeschool families.  So it's been tough to keep up on our blog for weekly updates.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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