Tuesday, April 27, 2021

My New Cleaning Schedule

With work and school, life is going to be very hectic.  I have some major health issues that have been going on, but life still needs to go on.  I have been working hard at getting myself into a set schedule for cleaning and making sure that our house stays safe and clean.  I need to make sure that I have time for lesson planning, work with the kids, and even spend time with Joe.  It's going to be rough.  

A very sweet friend of mine made this schedule for me to print and keep handy for reference.

I bought some extra meal prep bowls for myself.  Hopefully it will help from from eating crap.  My diet is really horrible right now.  I need help to try and cut back on flares.  I will cook a couple days ahead and even freeze a couple single serving meals for myself to help me out.  I cannot do leftovers for long due to my histamine disorder.  I must have nutritious food handy though.

So far I have been almost able to keep up somewhat with cleaning.  There are a few areas for improvement, even during a flare that I was struggling through, I have been trying my best.  

What are some things you do to keep yourself organized?  I'm going to make about 4 weeks worth of lesson plans this weekend to try and work ahead for the girls.  I do know that I will continue to rely on some online resources for their education.  They seem to be doing ok on some of their courses and working independently.  This summer we will be reviewing some math techniques that they struggle with so that we can keep advancing in that area.

I'm all ears...meal planning tips, cleaning tips, organizing...help this struggling mom out.  We can all support each other!

See you next time!

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