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Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 from Teaching Textbooks Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

As a busy homeschool parent of multiple kids in different grade levels, I was super excited to get the opportunity to review the new interface Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 from Teaching Textbooks.  

Anyone who has followed our blog over the last ten years knows that I do not enjoy teaching math, especially for the older grades.  Throw in the fact that I am now working full-time, and I am struggling to stay afloat.  Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 has been the answer to my math curriculum search.

Teaching Textbooks has been a program that we have used since beginning our homeschool journey.  We actually started out with the computer disk and printed workbook.  The boys worked their way through and they would work on the computer and also through the workbook.  This worked well.  But they have improved on the original options and now offer this completely online option for parents.

Teaching Textbook 4.0 offers interactive math lessons for students.  Each grade level can contain roughly 130 math lessons that includes quizzes over materials.  The lessons present the material with video how to solve the problems.  Students are asked to follow along with the step-by-step process and answer questions as the problem is solved.  This is meant to give extra practice that may be needed.

Each lesson builds on previous lessons, and this includes practice questions from previous lessons.  Those first 10 practice questions are great for building on skill to mastery.  It's a mix of past and current lesson.  Theses questions are not counted in the lesson grade.  And yes....I said grade.  Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 does track lesson grades and gives you this information for quick reference.  Under your parent account, parents can opt to delete lessons that students failed and have them repeat the activities to improve on their score.

I love that questions are read to the student.  The voice can usually be picked from a short list, as well as the avatar that students would like to be.  Usually there are even a couple of puns cracked during the lesson.  I can tell when Caty is truly paying attention because she'll either crack up or go "man, why???"  You know like most of us do when we hear a pun.

Originally the Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 online platform was through a specific website.  We have been using that since it's upgrade in January 2021.  Now Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 is an app that we can download on our desktop.  We both have an individual login, so that I can track her.  I can also download ebook pages from her lessons if she is struggling and I want to verify how she is being taught to solve a problem.  I do not consider what Teaching Textbook uses as Common Core.  But you know how sometimes the way I learned math, and then adapted my way of understanding for my brain to get "it".  Well that's usually slightly different than the "teacher" in the app explains it.  With access to the online material, I can print out the lesson and help her to understand the lesson.

The new platform is extremely user friendly.  When you download the program to your computer platform, you do still need internet access to use the lessons.  You can download up to 6 lessons though if you are traveling or even struggle with internet access.

Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 was a digital product also.  But you had to use the web interface.  I like that Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is a digital product, but you have a program on your device to access the materials.  Purchase of Teaching Textbooks 4.0 gives you access to the content for 12 months.  You do get lifetime access to the gradebook.  But say you are taking a few weeks off from school, you can actually pause your subscription for things like vacation and breaks.  That time will not count toward your 12 months, since you did not access the program.

Having such a long period to finish the lessons, this gives you time to your student to work through the entire grade level they are going through to take their time and not rush through the lessons if they need some help to master the material.

If you are not sure about the grade level your student will be tackling, you can easily take a placement test and find your student's placement level.

The benefits I have found using Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0:
  • Students can work independently
  • Automatic grading
  • User friendly interface (Students can easily find there they left off)
  • Access to the ebook for the program that your student is using
  • Ability to download several lessons so that you can work on the go when you may have limited internet
  • Parent login so that I can check their grades and what questions they are struggling on
  • Questions are read to students
  • Hints are given for various problems that allows for quick reminders on how to solve problems that students are struggling with
  • Kid friendly avatars allow the student to personalize their lesson, but not be overly distracting.
  • Very budget friendly for families.  They offer large family discounts also.
  • Free trial subscription so that you can see if you like the program
We are definitely continuing to use Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0.  We have used them for many years, and I love the improved format.  I'll keep recommending them to my homeschooling friends.

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