Thursday, October 28, 2010

A day at school today

We had so much to cram in this week.  We wanted to take tomorrow off from school since we will be going out of town for our circuit assembly. 

This week in review:

The boys were practicing math with the  They both earned Bronze Certificates.  We'll see what they get next week.  Some of the facts are very challenging.  I think Brayden's grade level may be set too high.  Some of the Math questions are of things he has not covered yet.   Joey has not had that issue on his questions yet.  His only issue is remembering how to complete problems properly by not cutting out any steps he has been taught. 

 Joey is working on his reading comprehension tests. 
A picture of their American Math Challenge Awards
We made a Reading Island to sit on this morning.Brayden working on his typing program.  Of course he doesn't have two hands on the keyboard.  He is struggling with two handed typing. 
 Lydia has K12 curriculum, but I have alphabet puppets that I have been saving.  So we are working on alphabet puppets to go with each new sound that she is learning.
 Today was the /h/ sound....she hates her phonics lessons, hopefully these will help.

Next week we will continue learning about Joseph.  The boys will continue working on graphing and reading graphs.  Joey and Brayden will be creating graphs with M&Ms and Skittles (which I am sure Lydia will learn some about graphing also).  In Geography we will be visiting China (which Lydia thinks we will really be visiting).  We have Art Class, where we will be learning about Pablo Picasso and the Cubism period.  And on Friday we will be visiting the Toledo Firehouse Museum!!!  We are so excited about that field trip.....