Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The First Basketball Game of the Season

First game of the School Age Basketball Season!!! 

There's my babies on the end (they were waiting for a buzzer to sound...and that is loud).  First game of the season for the Cougars.  And we were up against a BIG team.  They were all adults, and we are schoolage. 

Brayden is in front of Number 40 getting ready to try for a shot.

Tip-off...beginning of the game. 

Final score.  The only reason we didn't tie, is there was a foul shot at the end of the game.  Otherwise it would have been overtime.  Our little guys took on the BIG guys and gave them a challenge!!!

GOOOO COUGARS!!!  Next game is Monday night in Defiance!!  I'll have more pics then, I spent most of the game selling concessions tonight.  I missed cheering our team on, but hey....we made lots on the concessions and it all helps pay for the teams!! 

If you are not familiar with Special Olympics, read more about it.  They can also use not only funds, but volunteers.  Please take a moment to help those who need some encouragement!

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