Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap up for January 7, 2011

When I upload the pictures from the camera, I started downloading them into weekly files.  I just noticed that I dated this week's file as 'January 2-8 2010'.  Had to change that quick!  It's our first finished week of 2011!

Lydia and I finished up reading some more Peter Rabbit stories.  The collection is part of her K12 Literature Arts curriculum.  She is really disliking their stuff.  So I have had to come up with ideas to change it around and make sure she is still getting what they are wanting her to learn.  We got this book from Hands of a Child.  VISIT THEM...They have awesome units and sales alot!!!

While cleaning my hard drive, I found the fun Frost the Snowman poem and activity.  There's a hat, mittens, scarf, books and broom that you cut-out.  We sign the song and play-along.  Caty was even loving this!

My brother and sister-in-law built an ice rink in their backyard.  On New Year's Day it was around 50F outside when they were building it.  Now the temps are back down in the 20sF.  The girls got to go and skate for the first time Wednesday evening.  Lydia starts Ice Skating lessons Monday at the ice rink at Bowling Green State University....home of Scott Hamilton!!!  How cool!  (When we were in Tennessee the last time, he and his family were at a local play area the day before we were.  They live in the Cool Springs area now.  The woman that manages the PeekABoo Playtown there was telling me how starstruck she was.)

Brayden really started liking the Duplo building cards that I bought at Your Therapy Source

We made Borax Snowflakes.

The pipe cleaners were challenging for the kids to make.  It was a definite visual perception challenge for the boys and a fine motor skills challenge for the girls.

This picture was about two hours after we put them in the solution.  You can see the white has started collecting on the pipe cleaners.

This is what they looked like the next morning. 

Someone in one of the yahoo groups I belong to shared these wonderful Pokemon folding activities.  So for a surprise I put these in their boxes this week.

 Caty has been showing more interest in what's going on in the living room for school.  So I have been working on keeping her more busy.  I am going to get her a small set of drawers for during school time.  I think it's Confessions of a Homeschooler that has TOT SCHOOL. 

Yesterday we cut and torn pieces of construction paper and I had her glue them inside the circles I drew to make a snowman.  She needed help to finish.  She was so tired.  We played Nickelodeon FIT yesterday on the Wii.  It was sooo fun!!  She had a blast.  They were "jumping rope", slalom, relay races, etc.  I am going to have to do a write up on all the awesome things about this game!


  1. Hi!! Loved the lapbook first off, and funny about date mistake, it will take some time, it always does with me at least lol.. The borax snowflakes look wonderful, never heard of that before!! Thanks a ton, glad your week was great!

  2. as I read this A is playing wii's nick fit for the first time and it is soooooooooo cute! How do you find the time to organize lapbooks? They seems so neat but SO much work on the parents part that I wonder how much they really get out of it

  3. Thanks guys! We had a great time this week and finished almost everything. We have one subject we got behind on....Music. Will finish that little bit tomorrow. Won't take long.